Wednesday, October 6, 2010

i n3v3r lov3d my rock... b3for3 today

AGAIN woman, my GOD, all you ar3 is whin3 whin3 whin3, blah blah blah....i think i sp3ak for most of us...... SHUT TH3 F UP.......... all you do is complain, boo hoo your kids, boohoo, your p3ts, boohoo, your f-ing lif3, W3LL..w3lcom3 to 3arth and lif3 and dumb ass LIF3
SUCKS, IF ALL YOU DO IS INHAL3.......... try br3athing out for onc3 you moron3....

you ar3 tru3ly th3 first p3rson that i hav3 m33t (w/ your 3ducation) and your ag3......... that is dumb3r th3n that f-ing rock in my front yard.....

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

wow......its b33n awil3,right.....w3ll now i m gonna talk about p3opl3 who ALWAYS s33 th3 down sid3 of lif3.

if you hav3 b33n divorc3d, that sucks............try b3ing m3........iv3 don3 it thr33 got nothing on m3

do you hav3 a sick dog?........w3ll i hav3 had on3 g3t run ov3r

do you hav3 a sick kid?........... min3s had 3ar inf3ctions sinc3 sh3 was born

do you hav3 l3ftov3rs g3tting moldy in th3 fridg3? m3 too


w3 g3t it lif3 sucks..............if you chos3 to look at it that way


and not you, caus3 you s33 th3 glass half 3mpty

but for us norms, w3 s33 it half full

our dog might b3 sick, but w3 could say.............sh3 f3tch3s a nic3 bon3

our kid might b3 sick, but w3 could say............. sh3s g3tting b3tt3r"

ok my point............pl3as3 shut th3 H3ll up.......w3 and i m3an m3...hav3 had 3nough

Friday, September 3, 2010

"l3st3r up clos3 and p3rsonal"

wow, i dont f33l v3ry good today......littl3 to much of a good thing last night........s3lf indus3d yukki3s........

dont g3t m3 3xtr3m3ly grat3ful, that dian3, and paul ar3 out of my lif3......but damn, it do3snt giv3 m3 alot to writ3 about.

sooo............what to talk about?........hmmmmmmmmmmmmm........l3ts s33,... w3ll, th3r3s always my husband, or my kids, or my family...... but i got nothing on th3m (right now) h3h3h3

i gu3ss that l3av3s M3!!!!! yay......i was ALWAYS my favorit3 subj3ct to talk about. :)

sinc3 you ar3 not h3r3 to ask m3 ALL th3 good qu3stions.........i will hav3 to try and figur3 out just what it is, that you WANT to know. first off, y3s i lov3 s3x........i talk about it all th3 tim3, and do it as oft3n as your av3rag3 horn3y t33nag3r. i hav3 b33n this way sinc3 as far back as i can r3m3mb3r...........and Y3S, it got m3 in troubl3 many many tim3s....... my third husband said "th3r3s got to b3 som3thing wrong with you!!! nobody is THAT horn3y THAT oft3n". im not sur3 if th3r3s som3thing wrong with m3 or not, mayb3 th3r3s som3thing wrong with th3 p3opl3 who dont want s3x 24/7......... thats pr3tty doubtful........ but mayb3.

s3condly, i lik3 to drink (and im r3ally good at it) i hav3 b33n on th3 wagon a f3w tim3s, i r3ally didnt mind it up th3r3, m33t som3 nic3 p3opl3, but th3n i would g3t to missin all th3 p33ps down on th3 i would jump off, just to hang out for th3 w33k 3nd. th3n com3 monday, right back up th3r3 with th3 nic3 p3opl3...........what do3s that say for m3?.......w3ll....... i gu3ss it says "nic3 p3opl3 ar3 gr3at, monday thru thursday.............BUT p33ps ar3 aw3som3 firday thru sunday".

thirdly, i smok3 (just ciggs.) alot, 2 packs a day, mor3 if im drinking. i hav3 tri3d g3tting up on that wagon, but damn, th3m non-smok3rs hav3 got that wagon way up off th3 ground, but 3v3ry onc3 in a whil3, i will giv3 it a shot. i will k33p you post3d on th3 out com3 (dont 3xp3ct to much)

fourthly, i just ador3 my jok3,........ all though som3 p3opl3 s33 humor in this. i lov3 to look in th3 mirror, and pictur3s, 3v3n a window or toast3r.......th3r3s som3thing about th3 way i look, that r3ally do3s it for m3... :), always has, and h3r3s to hoping it always do3s. so if any of you p3opl3 out th3r3 know boobi3, now you know wh3r3 sh3 got it from :)

fifthly, i sw3ar (lik3 a sailor) 3sp3cially if you piss m3 off.......... i try not to do this in front off kids, or churchy p3opl3.............but, i am L3ST3R............ so that is also a work in progr3ss.

w3ll, th3r3 you go "l3st3r up clos3 and p3rsonal" .............hop3 that h3lpp3d som3 of you to g3t to no m3 b3tt3r. hop3 it didnt scar3 too many of you off........

Thursday, September 2, 2010


h3ll-o, th3 last coupl3 of days som3 things hav3 happ3n3d............. som3 R3ALLY GOOD, and som3 not at all to my liking.

non3 of whats happ3n3d has anything to do with dian3 (thankfully sh3s quit3ly dropp3d of th3 plan3t)

th3 R3ALLY GOOD stuff i cant talk about..............y3t (mayb3 down th3 road a ways)

th3 not to my liking stuff i wont talk about..............y3t, (sam3 as abov3)

SOOOOOOO, i know what your thinking............why 3v3n say anything? right? i dont know, mayb3 caus3 i want to t3ll you, i just dont think i dar3 to........anyway, w3 w3nt to church last Sunday, i know, right, but w3 did. th3n on th3 way hom3 w3 stopp3d and got a 12 pack........ baby st3ps i gu3ss. if w3 can b3hav3 ours3lv3s on this holiday w33k-3nd, w3 will b3 going back this Sunday. y3s, w3 probably will stop off at th3 stor3 again.


you guys dont com3 h3r3 for that crap............

r3c3ntlly som3on3 told m3 a story about twosums (sp). i gu3ss my qu3stion is WHY?? not why to th3 story, but why to th3 stupid us3 of th3 word. th3 p3rson that wrot3 this mayb3 do3snt know that ov3r half th3 population do3s this? is s3x a dirty word in th3r3 hous3? but twosum is 3xc3ptabl3, i cant pictur3 mys3lf (until right now) saying "h3y walt, wanna go hav3 a twosum" i am not 3v3n sur3 what his answ3r would b3 (ok, i know what his answ3r would b3) BUT, what would h3 b3 thinking? som3thing along th3 lin3s of "is sh3 drinking alr3ady?" or "has sh3 b33n watching porn without m3...AGAIN", or "WOW i wond3r if sh3 m3nt to say thr33sum?"

mayb3 th3 p3rson that wrot3 this, just got a brand n3w th3saurus and thought it sound3d b3tt3r th3n s3x? w3ll, i think using twosum inst3ad of s3x is a half-witt3d, r3tart3d, idiotic, imb3cilic, and STUPID (that was m3 using a th3saurus)

not r3ally a point to any thing i just wrot3............but, at l3ast now i am horny :)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

f33l fr33 to comm3nt

w3ll, h3r3 i am again!!!! i r3ally dont 3v3n no wh3r3 to start (i no you ar3 all thinking th3 b3gining would b3 a good plac3), but this chapt3r of my lif3 is WAY to long for that....... so im going to start at th3 3nd.
if you hav3 b33n r3ading my blogs (which of coars3 you hav3, or you wouldnt b3 h3r3), th3n i n33d to t3ll you som3thing that you alr3ady know.......... "lisa" is M3, i know, right, big shock3r.....i am sur3 that this is quit3 alot for you to tak3 in ALL at onc3, but its tru3.
obviously using (" ")s has mad3 som3 p3opl3 ups3t (i can only assum3 that th3y n33d th3ir 15 mins. of fam3)......
i will stand b3hind what i hav3 writt3n......dian3 formally known as "d33" has b33n nothing but a pain in my ass sinc3 day 1, and until i d3cid3 3xactly how to handl3 h3r, im sur3 sh3 will continu3 to b3
i will also stand b3hind what i hav3 said about paul formally known as "phil", h3 has brought nothing good into my daught3rs (r3b3cca and r3n33') formally known as "rach3al" and "raqu3l"s lif3, h3 is th3 poor3st 3xampl3 of mankind that i can think of.
i gu3ss this will mak3 things 3asi3r......for ALL of us, knowing 3xactlly who is who, but and i n33d to mak3 this p3rf3ctlly cl3ar.......... THIS IS, AND WILL ALWAYS B3 MY for ALL you snot nos3 pi3c3 of shit, th3iving, lying, low lif3,scum suck3rs, if you dont lik3 my blog.......... STOP R3ADING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!
but th3 r3st of you normals can continu3 to 3njoy my thoughts, and f33l fr33 to comm3nt.. :)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

w3llllllllllll, w3 all had a w33k off!! how was it for you guys? m3 and "lisa"? it was......... un3v3ntful. but as w3 ALL know, ALL good things MUST com3 to an 3nd. (thanks "d33")
"lisa" was at hom3, minding h3r own busin3ss.........wh3n who do you suppos3 calls (in th3 middl3 of th3 day, a TU3SDAY). you gu3ss3d it "d33". this old hag of a thing "d33", d3cid3ds to start shit with "lisa", can you b3li3v3 it? i m3an, "lisa", of ALL p3opl3!! (haha)
"d33" starts th3 phon3 call with-'im not starting anything BUT'....... "lisa" didnt say anything to "d33", sh3 just list3n3d. wh3n "d33" was finish3d y3lling about birthdays and stamps and som3 disgusting boil that "d33" found on h3r backsid3, sh3 hung up! yup "d33" hung up on "lisa", w3ll, "lisa" didnt appriciat3 this at all!! so, "lisa" calls "d33", gu3ss what- straight to machin3!! surpris3 surpris3 surpris3..
so th3n "lisa" d3cid3s to call m3, THANK GOD, i hav3 b33n soooooooo bor3d, you know, with 3v3rybody g3tting along, it kind of f3lt lik3 my birthday!!
so "lisa" fills m3 in on all of "d33"s pill popping, b33r drinking, pants p33ing, ways. i just list3n3d to all that "lisa" was t3lling m3.. AND WOW.. th3 thing call3d "d33", sh3 is soo much nasti3r th3n i 3v3n 3xp3ct3d, i m3an r3ally gross!! i found out that "d33" do3snt bath 3V3R, just tak3s whor3s baths (thats a washcloth to th3 t and a) for all you young p3opl3 out th3r3, 3xc3pt for "josaphin3" who knows 3xactly what a whor3s bath is. i also found out that sh3 do3snt stop at just family, wh3n it com3s to st33ling, oh nooooooo, sh3 st33ls from h3r n3ighbors, "d33" 3v3n took a wall3t out of an old ladi3s purs3 at th3 sup3r mark3t. im not r3ally sur3 what "d33" consid3rs old......i m3an "d33" hit 70 a whil3 back. i also h3ard that sh3 has way mor3 th3n 1 boil on h3r ass, from th3 stori3s i h3ar, its lik3 20, all bigg3r th3n half dollars!! my gu3ss is th3y com3 from not bathing, and sitting in you own filth-yuk
i do f3ll bad for "lisa", i m3an sh3 had just start3d talking nic3ly to "william"s kids. but all that asid3, i do lik3 wh3n "d33" cant k33p h3r wrinkl3d up old mouth shut.. :0) it mak3s m3 happy.
so to all you "d33"s out th3r3.......i say, k33p th3 shit going.......its all you hav3 l3ft, so who ar3 w3 to ask you to stop?
i hav3 absolut3ly nothing against anyon3 who is clos3r to 100 th3n 50, and sm3lls lik3 shit, and st33ls just caus3, and has half dollar siz3 mountains growing on h3r ass, just pl3as3 stay th3 h3ll away from m3.......

Friday, August 13, 2010

h3llo again- its friday, so you all no what that m3ans.......thats right, this is my last blog until monday. (unl3ss som3on3 piss3s "lisa" off)
"william" and "lisa" ar3 c3l3brating th3ir first annv. on sunday. good for th3m. if any coupl3 i no d3s3rv3s to happy,its th3m. "william"is also having his 49th birthday on monday, so "lisa" is having a cook out on saturday. th3 whol3 two birds with on3 ston3 thing i gu3ss.

"rach3l" and "kory"s son "andr3w" is having a sl33p ov3r at his gr3at grandmoth3rs (h3r nam3 is also "rach3l", but 3v3ryon3 calls h3r "colossal c3l" c3l is pronounc3d k3l), "collossal c3l" is not sp3aking to "rach3l", just to "kory", i no, i agr33 with you, it is stupid, but what can you do? (oh y3ah, i can blog)

"collossal cal" is not sp3aking to "lisa" 3ith3r, this all start3d wh3n "raqu3l" got pr3gnant at 16, r3m3mb3r? anyway, "lisa" tri3d for 2 or 3 y3ars to talk to h3r moth3r, but wh3n "collossal c3l" g3ts a hair across h3r ass, WATCH OUT. "collossal cal" told "lisa" that sh3 wasnt doing a v3ry good jog moth3ring, if "lisa" l3t h3r 16 y3ar old daught3r g3t knock3d up.

"lisa" r3m3mb3rs all th3 stori3s, about how "collossal c3l" f3ll from h3av3n on a p3rf3ct whit3 cloud, and had to liv3 amoung3st all th3 putrid,mis3rabl3,wr3tch3d, insuff3rabl3, 3vil wick3dn3ss on this horrabl3 plac3 call3d 3arth. and how "collosal cal" kn3w from th3 v3ry first day that sh3 arriv3d h3r3, that h3r goal was to show all th3 failur3s of this unpl3asant world (in h3r 3y3s that includ3d man or b3ast) that sh3 and only sh3, had th3 d3vin3 pow3r to rul3 this God forsak3n sph3r3. .....................w3ll, ok, "lisa" do3snt r3ally r3m3mb3r any of thos3 stori3s, but its th3 only thing that mak3s any kind of sc3nc3.

"lisa" knows that "collossal cal" isnt any b3tt3r th3n th3 r3st of us, so "lisa" do3snt und3rstand why "collossal cal" acts lik3 sh3 is. "lisa" b3ing rais3d by this woman, knows soooooooo many stori3s of all "collossal cal"s mistak3s, wrong doings, und3rhand3d, and just plain ill3gal things that hav3 happ3n3d ov3r th3 y3ars, but "collossal cal" for som3 unknown r3ason, cant s33m to r3m3mb3r any of thos3 things.

so, for ALL you p3opl3 out th3r3 that would rath3r hold a grudg3, rath3r th3n trying to hold your family tog3th3r, "lisa" says K33P UP TH3 GOOD WORK, WH3N ITS TIM3 FOR YOU TO M33T YOUR MAK3R, IM SUR3 YOUR GRUDG3S WILL B3 TH3 ONLY ON3S THAT R3ALLY GIV3 A FLYING FUCK

Thursday, August 12, 2010

today im going to t3ll you a story about how "phil" play3d h3ad gam3s with "raqu3l" for 3 months ov3r a c3ll phon3. it go3s back to last nov. (wh3n th3y m3t), i gu3ss "phil" thought (for a min.,that is b3for3 h3 talk3d to "j3rs3y" (lik3 th3 cow)) that h3 ow3d his first 2 daught3rs SOM3THING.
so h3 d3cid3d that buying th3m, was th3 logical choic3 (just lik3 your ordinary, worthl3ss, 3xp3ndabl3 pi3c3 of garbag3, ((calm down "d33", this isnt about you)) whit3 trash, drug d3aling, worm that h3 is).
so "phil" puts "raqu3l" on his phon3 plan, and also g3ts h3r a phon3 (duh), w3ll anytim3 aft3r this, if "raqu3l" would say som3thing to ups3t him, h3 would tak3 th3 phon3. (thats right, and l3av3 h3r with no outsid3 contact, with 2 littl3 kids), ohhhhhhhh, th3 pow3r h3 must hav3 f3lt. what a man.
th3n aft3r a f3w days, "phil" would giv3 it back to "raqu3l" (wow, h3 must hav3 f3lt lik3 a GOD).
th3 last tim3 that "raqu3l" ang3r3d "phil" (th3 all pow3rful phon3 GOD), "phil" lit3rlly grabb3d th3 phon3, and brok3 it in half. ((som3thing "lisa" oft3n pictur3s "phil" doing to "j3rs3y" (lik3 th3 cow)).
w3ll, "phil" k3pt t3lling "raqu3l" that SOON, h3 (th3 all pow3rful phon3 GOD) would g3t h3r a n3w on3, day aft3r day ,w33k aft3r w33k, anoth3r 3xcus3, so "raqu3l" did som3thing that 3v3n th3 mighti3st of ALL phon3s GODS wouldnt hav3 thought of........"raqu3l" w3nt out and got h3r own phon3...OOOHHH MY MIGHTY PHON3 GOD, WHY DIDNT I THINK OF THAT.
"phil" and "raqu3l" still talk on th3 phon3, or t3xt from tim3 to tim3, and "lisa"s sur3 that this will continu3, as long as "j3rs3y" (lik3 th3 cow) do3snt find out about it.
but wh3n "raqu3l" finally d3cid3s to put on h3r big girl pants, and flush that pi3c3 of human wast3 down th3 drain, "lisa" will b3 th3r3 to pick up th3 pi3c3s, of h3r young3st daught3r, who onc3 again got trampl3d on by th3 on3 p3rson who should n3v3r hav3 l3t anyon3 put th3ir own daught3r in this position in th3 first plac3........thats you "phil" in cas3 you couldnt k33p up
in "lisa"s 3y3s, you dont try to buy anyon3, 3sp3cially your childr3n.......... you fuck3n bon3h3ad

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

alrighty kids, today im going to start with "phil" AGAIN, just wh3n i think im going to giv3 him som3 much n33d3d tim3 off(n33d3d only b3caus3 h3s SUCH a dick) and wh3n i say dick, i dont m3an "dick" as in "lisa"s 2nd husband. i m3an dick, as in DICK.

w3ll it turns out that "phil" has to go away for a coupl3 of w33ks. i know you ar3 all v3ry 3xcit3d about this, i just wish mor3 p3opl3 liv3d in oxford county, so th3y too, could c3l3brat3 his glorious abs3nc3. it also turns out, that "j3rs3y" (lik3 th3 cow) has to b3 gon3 for much of that tim3 also, again i know what you all ar3 thinking, (its lik3 th3 nois3 in YOVILL3 wh3n you op3n th3 pr3s3nt, on th3 job) and if you dont know th3 sound, just pictur3 a choir singing :).

im still not sur3 why "phil" continu3s to call "lisa", wh3n h3 knows that "lisa" t3lls m3 (l3sli3 aka l3st3r) 3V3RYTHING.. and that i writ3 it down on this blog, BUT "phil" do3s, so i do.

w3ll, "phil" told "lisa" that h3 wasnt going to b3 s33ing his wif3 "j3rs3y" (lik3 th3 cow) for thos3 2 w33ks, and that h3 was v3ry 3xcit3d about this, not b3caus3 h3 want3d to s33 if h3 would miss h3r, nooooooo but b3caus3 "phil" kn3w that h3 wouldnt miss "j3rs3y" (lik3 th3 cow). and that h3 was sick of th3 constant bick3ring, and fighting about 3v3rything from "j3rs3y"s (lik3 th3 cows) w3ight to h3r having troubl3 finding p3opl3 that didnt mind b3ing in th3 sam3 room with h3r. now sinc3 "darwood" mov3d out (in with his t3ach3r i think), that just l3av3s "josaphin3" at th3 trail3r. i wond3r if portland will mak3 an app3r3nc3? or mayb3 "josaphin3" has suc3ssfuly compl3tt3d portland, and has mov3d on to th3 bidd3ford-saco ar3a of th3 stat3.

anyway, th3 n3xt 2 w33ks should b3 r3ally int3r3sting to blog about. "phil" promis3d "lisa" that h3 would continu3 to call h3r dail3y,so that giv3s m3 tons to t3ll, but i may hav3 to chang3 "phil" and "j3rs3y"s (lik3 th3 cows) nam3 to som3thing 3ls3 so "j3rs3y" (lik3 th3 cow) do3nt catch on. mayb3 som3thing that starts with th3 sam3 first l3tt3r. :) :) :) :)

Friday, August 6, 2010

im sitting h3r3 thinking, what i could writ3 about, that ISNT going to aff3nd som3on3, or mak3 th3m (r3ally ins3cur3 idiots) think that my, THATS RIGHT MY, blogs hav3 anything to do with th3m (r3ally ins3cur3 idiots). do th3y (th3 th3m i was r3f3ring to) (r3ally ins3cur3 idiots) r3ally think that th3 world (3ssp3cially min3) r3volv3s around th3m (r3ally ins3cur3 idiots)?

what if i d3cid3d to writ3 about, l3ts say puppi3s? would that also b3 about th3m (r3ally ins3cur3 idiots)? would th3r3 b3 a hidd3n m3ssag3 th3r3? that i was trying to call th3m (r3ally ins3cur3 idiots) f3mal3 dogs (bitch3s)? th3y (th3 th3m i was r3f3ring to) (r3ally ins3cur3 idiots) would probably think so.

so what if i d3cid3d to writ3 about l3ftov3rs? would th3y (th3 th3m i was r3f3ring to) (r3ally ins3cur3 idiots) think i want3d to put th3m (r3ally ins3cur3 idiots) in a plastic contain3r in my fridg3?

ok, so what if i chos3 to writ3 about p3rsonal hygi3n3? what could that possibly hav3 to do with th3m (r3ally ins3cur3 idiots), could it m3an that i could sm3ll th3m (r3ally ins3cur3 idiots) from way down h3r3 in TN. thats probably what th3y (th3 th3m i was r3f3ring) (r3ally ins3cur3 idiots) would think that i was implying.

what if i d3cid3d to writ3 about 3ducation, would th3y (th3 th3m i was r3f3ring to) (r3ally ins3cur3 idiots) think that i was implying that th3y (th3 th3m i was r3f3ring to) (r3ally ins3cur idiots) didnt hav3 n3ar 3nough?

and so on and so on, th3y (th3 th3m i was r3f3ring to) (r3ally ins3cur3 idiots) ar3 going to tak3 what3v3r i writ3 and mak3 it about th3m (r3ally ins3cur3 idiots)

so i gu3ss this on3s for YOU and you know who you ar3............. (r3ally ins3cur3 idiots)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

aka (idiot)

today you g3t to h3ar about "migg3l" (aka miggy), this is "raqu3l"s 3x, and "jo3"s fath3r. "lisa", "raqu3l"s moth3r, has known "miggy" sinc3 2005. "lisa" n3v3r lik3d "miggy" (not just b3caus3 "miggy" was dating "raqu3l", but also b3caus3 "miggy" was a compl3t3 idiot) thats right, not an almost compl3t3 idiot, "miggy" was d3ffinatly compl3t3. "lisa" has lost count of all th3 stupid things that "miggy" has said or don3, but h3r3 ar3 a f3w, just so you might try and und3rstand th3 vast ignoranc3 of this fool. first off "miggy" got "raqu3l" pr3gnant at 16, now almost 3v3ryon3 can look at this as a coupl3 of kids who mad3 poor judgm3nts. but th3n "miggy" (now aka as "idiot") got h3r pr3gnant AGAIN, at 17, no r3sp3ct for anyon3.
so now, with no plac3 to go, no jobs, no car, no 3ducation, th3y had to mov3 in with "lisa" and "william" (th3 r3ason that "raqu3l" was not living with "lisa" alr3ady, is b3caus3 "raqu3l" thought sh3 could tak3 b3tt3r car3 of h3rs3lf, th3n h3r moth3r could) so sh3 took "lisa" to court and 3mancipat3d h3r s3lf.
"lisa" s3cr3tly hop3d that "miggy" ("idiot") was going to tr3at "r3qu3l" th3 way any man would tr3at a woman caring his child............ but oh no, "miggy" act3d lik3 h3 was th3 on3 pr3gnant, h3 sl3pt till 2 in th3 aft3rnoon, at3 and at3 and at3, and n3v3r ask3d to h3lp out, with ANYTHING,h3 brok3 "lisa"s show3r, twic3, h3 flood3d th3ir kitch3n, brok3 th3ir lawn mow3r, 3 tim3s, thats wh3n "william" stopp3d asking him to mow th3 grass. "william" actually thinks "miggy" ("idiot") did it on purpos3, "miggy" f3ll through th3 floor, and countl3ss oth3r things that would tak3 w33ks to t3ll. onc3 "william" took "miggy" job hunting, "william" had to tak3 him b3caus3 "miggy" didnt hav3 a car, or a driv3rs linc3nc3. wh3n "miggy" ("idiot") was filling out th3 app. h3 actually ask3d "william" what a signatur3 was. aft3r 3xplaining to "miggy" ("idiot") that it was his nam3, in cursiv3. "william" saw that th3r3 was no hop3 for this moron, so "william" brought him back to th3 hous3. aft3r "raqu3l" had th3 baby "jo3" (sooooooo handsom3, looks just lik3 "lisa", if you ask h3r) th3y d3cid3d to join th3 army, so th3y both took th3 t3st, th3y n33d3d to g3t 60 out of 100 right, "raqu3l" got a 94, "miggy" ("idiot") got a 9, thats right its not a typo h3 actually got a 9, th3 r3cruti3r cam3 right out and ask3d "miggy" ("idiot") if th3ir was som3thing wrong with him. hahahah "lisa" thought that was so funny.

"raqu3l" and "miggy ("idiot") only liv3d with "lisa" and "william" for 7 months, th3n th3y d3cid3d to mov3 back to main3. "lisa" miss3d "h3r daught3r and "jo3" but was sooooo happy to s33 that pi3c3 of trash g3t out of h3r hous3. sh3 thr3w a giant party, and all th3 voic3s that liv3 in h3r h3ad show3d up, th3y laugh3d and danc3d and told stori3s about all th3 stupid things that "miggy" ("idiot") had 3v3r don3. (ohhhhhhhh gr3at day for "lisa")

w3ll, sinc3 th3n "raqu3l" and "miggy" ("idiot") hav3 split up, and "raqu3l" m33t "st3w3rt" and gav3 "lisa" anoth3r grandson "chris" (looks just lik3 "lisa", if you ask h3r), sam3 st0ry, blah blah blah, th3n th3y brook up , now sh3s dating som3 guy nam3d "whats his nam3", "lisa" d3cid3d that wh3n it com3s to "raqu3l"s boy fri3nds, th3r3 is r3ally no n33d to r3m3mb3r nam3s.

"lisa" thinks that most of "raqu3l"s probl3ms com3 for h3r r3al fath3r "phil",for giving h3r away, lik3 som3on3 might giv3 away a puppy, "lisa" will n3v3r forgiv3 "phil" but sh3 do3s wish "phil" would stop calling h3r 3v3ryday, 3v3n though "phil" us3s a fri3nds phon3, "lisa" knows that "j3rs3y" (lik3 th3 cow) is going to find out

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

scroll down

todays l3sson (on stupid things not to say to your childr3n), is onc3 again brought to you by ......... non3 oth3r th3n "phil". "lisa"s young3st daught3r "raqu3l", which is "phil"s middl3 daught3r, stopp3d by to s33 him on his birthday ("raqu3l" didnt know it was "phil"s b-day, but why should sh3, wh3n "raqu3l" has only just m3t him) and "phil" said to "raqu3l", you cant com3 in th3 hous3, b3caus3 "j3rs3y" (lik3 th3 cow) is still mad at you, and im not j3pordizing my marriag3 ov3r this.....

OKAY HOLD TH3 PHON3 ASS WIP3....did you r3ally just say that? WOW, ok, first of all, what marriag3? and s3cond of all dirtbag, this is your kid, r3m3mb3r th3 on3 you gav3 away, b3caus3 "j3rs3y" (lik3 th3 cow) told you to.

just in cas3 you didnt know this "phil", im going to 3nlight3n you, a marriag3 is mor3 th3n just a pi3c3 of pap3r, or knocking "j3rs3y"s (lik3 th3 cow's) two front t33th out, or sl33ping with h3r co-work3r, or sl33ping with your fri3nds wif3. (but i do und3rstand why "josaphin3" acts lik3 that) sh3 d3ffinatly g3ts it hon3st.

a marriag3 is a r3latioship b3tw33n to adults, so for you "phil", to think for a s3cond that "raqu3l" actually was in dang3r of j3pordizing anything b3tw33n you and "j3rs3y" (lik3 th3 cow) 3xc3pt mayb3 int3rf3ring with th3 harv3st of ill3g3l drugs, th3n you n33d h3lp (not with th3 harv3st)

i wish "lisa" could 3xplain to "raqu3l" what a fuckin dick smok3r you ar3, and what a crotch rot that "j3rs3y" (lik3 th3 cow) is, or how sh3 is wasting valuabl3 tim3 (h3rs) on a coupl3 of no good,whit3 trash,pi3c3s of shit, carcass garbag3, back stabbing, wif3 b3ating, kbs calling, bad par3nting, blog r3ading (i actually lik3 that), idiots that you two ar3.

w3ll, i f33l b3tt3r, "lisa" f33ls b3tt3r, and i hop3 th3 two of you l3arn3d som3thing, 33v3n if its just to scroll down, so you can finish this blog

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

today im going to t3ll you a littl3 story about "d33", r3m3mb3r sh3s "kory"s moth3r, and "kory" marri3d "rachal", "lisa"s daught3r, and "lisa" is marri3d to "william", "kory"s dad, "d33"s 3x-husband. th3r3, all caught up....
w3ll "d33" and h3r young3st daught3t, "amb3r", w3nt to main3 for a f3w days (turn3d out to b3 ov3r two w33ks),and stay3d with "kory" and "rachal". turns out, th3y ar3 not v3ry good hous3 gu3sts!!! first, "d33" start3d talking about "rachal"s family (right in front of h3r), th3n saying things lik3, sh3 wasnt a good wif3, or moth3r. b3ing rais3d right, "rachal", just l3t it go, (not som3thing "lisa" would hav3 don3). th3n on3 day "rachal" took h3r son "andr3w", and w3nt to h3r cousins "lor3tta"s (aka r3t r3t), and sp3nt th3 whol3 day. "kory" actually dropp3d th3m off, and pick3d th3m up.
w3ll, h3r3s wh3r3 it g3ts good........... wh3n "kory" and "rachal" got hom3, th3y notic3d that th3ir stuff and b33n gon3 thr3w, and not in a unnoticabl3 way. (its lik3 "d33" didnt 3v3n try to hid3 it).
"rachal" got suspicious, so sh3 start3d looking thr3w things, "rachal" notic3d right away that an antiqu3 watch was missing, so sh3 inform3d "kory"....... oh "kory" was b3ond angry, h3 start3d y3lling at "d33", h3 want3d h3r car k3ys, (aft3r "kory" had found oth3r valuabl3s in th3ir suitcas3s) "d33" was drunk by this tim3, and was trying to 3xplain that sh3 had lost th3m. "kory" was obviously not buying this, so h3 found th3m, and wh3n "kory" got into "d33"s car, h3 found vid3o gam3s, cr3dit cards, pap3r work, 3v3n food, (all b3longing to "kory" and "rachal").
so "kory" call3d th3 polic3 (thats right on his moth3r), aft3r hours of th3 polic3 list3ning to "d33" li3, sh3 finally told th3m, that sh3 did tak3 th3 watch, and mail3d it to n3w j3rs3y (not lik3 th3 cow). w3ll th3 polic3 told "d33" that if sh3 didnt hav3 it mail3d back right away, sh3 was going to jail. w3ll about a w33k lat3r, "kory" and "rachal" got th3 watch back. lucky kids. "kory" and "rachal" didnt pr3ss charg3s, ("lisa" would hav3)
so now "d33" is back in n3w j3rs3y (not lik3 th3 cow), and trying lik3 h3ll to g3t "kory" to talk to h3r, but this all happ3n3d l3ss th3n a month ago, so "lisa" thinks mayb3 th3 wounds ar3 still to fr3sh, "rachal" on th3 oth3r hand, says that "d33" can com3 back to main3 any tim3 that "d33" damn w3ll pl3as3s, but "d33" is n3v3r aloud on h3r prop3rty, or anywh3r3 n3ar "rachal" or "andr3w"
so lisa"s advic3 to "d33" is stop st33ling from your childr3n, do you 3v3n car3 what this is doing to "amb3r", if sh3 s33s a 70 y3ar old woman st3lling from h3r own son, what in th3 h3ll is sh3 3v3r going to amount to. is it your mission in lif3 to hav3 "amb3r" b3 wast3, just lik3 h3r moth3r?
"lisa" thinks that for "amb3r" to 3v3n hav3 half a chanc3 in lif3, that "amb3r" should liv3 with h3r "william", of coars3, "lisa" would hav3 to g3t a saf3ty a d3posit box, and an alarm syst3m, and probably a s3curity guard....(lmao)

Monday, August 2, 2010

mak3 a wish "phil"

today ill t3ll you about "lisa"s l3ast favorit3 3x-husband, "phil". today is "phil"s birthday, "phil" is 44, and th3 only thing that "phil" has to show, for b3ing on this 3arth, and taking up pr3ious spac3,is his poor 3xcus3 for a wif3 "j3rs3y" (lik3 th3 cow), his son "darwood", who dropp3d out of school, (i think h3 might hav3 start3d dating his t3ach3r), i know that sh3 was way old3r th3n "darwood",a daught3r "josaphin3"(who i h3ar, has alr3ady sl3pt h3r way through portland), and copious amounts of drugs (that from what i h3ar, all got tak3n, in th3 raid on "phil" and "j3rs3y"s (lik3 th3 cow) hous3).
im not actually sur3 if "phil" is 3v3n c3l3brating his birthday, i m3an, what do you suppos3 "phil" thinks wh3n h3 g3ts up in th3 morning and looks in th3 mirror? do you think that "phil" is constantly r3mind3d that "j3rs3y"(lik3 th3 cow), convinc3d him to giv3 his first two childr3n away? or mayb3 h3s r3mind3d that "j3rs3y" (lik3 th3 cow) do3snt hav3 a driv3rs linc3nc3, or th3 fact that "darwood" is dating a p3dophil3, or mayb3 th3 daught3r "josaphin3" th3 on3 "phil" d3cid3d to k33p, sl3pt3d with h3r n3ph3ws daddy. my gu3ss is h3 probably do3snt tak3 long in front of that mirror.
"lisa" on th3 oth3r hand, has much to c3labrat3 today. "phil" and "j3rs3y" (lik3 th3 cow) ar3 not in h3r lif3. "lisa" had th3 privil3g3, of not having "darwood" and "josaphin3" as h3r childr3n. "lisa" has a driv3rs linc3nc3, and "lisa" do3snt do or s3ll drugs.
so if "phil" do3s happ3n to g3t a cak3 (probably bought at th3 last minut3, at walmart), "lisa" will b3 th3 on3 knowing sh3 do3snt n33d to mak3 a wish, b3caus3 all "lisa"s dr3ams cam3 tru3

Friday, July 30, 2010

"lisa" m3t "william"s son "kory" at work, h3 s33m3d lik3 a nic3 young man, and had just mov3d to main3, (to g3t away from his moth3r "d33") r3m3mb3r, "d33"s old, and a th3if. so "kory" cam3 to main3, to liv3 with his daddy, "william". "lisa"s daught3r "rachal" was still in school (a s3nior), and on3 day, "rachal"stopp3d by "lisa"s work, and got a glimps3 of "kory". th3 r3st is history (so th3y
say). "kory" and "rachal" couldnt g3t 3nough of 3ach oth3r. th3y sp3nt th3 n3xt 3 months hook3d
at th3 hip.
"william" had his own apartm3nt, but out of th3 blu3 "d33" would show up from, im not sur3 3xactlly, h3ll mayb3, "d33" mov3s around alot, and stay for a w33k or two, th3n, wh3n "william" was a work, "d33" would pack up (with Kyl3, kim, and amb3r), and just l3av3 again, (my gu3ss, back to h3ll). this is wh3n "lisa" and "ricky" start3d to disagr33 about things that w3r3 happ3ning in th3ir marriag3 ("raqu3l" got pr3gnant), so "kory" and "rach3l" kn3w that "lisa" and "william" could not m3t, (thos3 crazy kids thought that "lisa" and "william" would do som3thing stupid, lik3 sl33p tog3th3r (or som3thing).
w3ll, it turns out "lisa" and "william" did m3t, and in fact, with a littl3 h3lp from alcohol, did do som3thing stupid, lik3 sl33p tog3th3r (or som3thing).
aft3r 2 y3ars, "kory" and "rach3l" got marri3d (to 3ach oth3r). "d33" didnt com3 to th3 w33ding thank God, but "kay" did, i gu3ss b3caus3 h3r son "josh" was th3 b3st man, and sh3 f33ls th3 n33d to try to still b3 part of som3thing, that sh3s cl3arly no long3r a part of.
so now that "lisa" and "william" ar3 marri3d, that mak3s "kory" and "rach3l" broth3r and sist3r. so th3y ar3 on3 big happy family, 3xc3pt for "d33" and "kay".
oh th3y hav3 had littl3 things pop up along th3 way (and not so littl3 things), lik3 "kay" trying to g3t back tog3th3r with "william", n3v3r going to happ3n, (omg, that chick has to w3igh at l3ast 400 lbs. gross), or lik3 "d33" lying about "amb3r" b3ing sick, or calling "william"s work, or st3aling (oh thats a r3ally good story, ill sav3 for anoth3r TIM3).
so kids, i gu3ss todays moral of th3 story is, dont l3t th3 "d33"s and "kay"s, in your lif3 g3t to you, b3caus3 its r3fr3shing just to know that as mis3rabl3 as th3y ar3, wh3n "lisa" thinks about th3m, sh3s always smiling

Thursday, July 29, 2010

(lik3 th3 cow)

today ill t3ll you a littl3 bit about "lisa" sh3 has two wond3rful daught3rs, 21 and 20, th3ir nam3s ar3 "racha3l" and "raqu3l". "lisa" has b33n marri3d 4 tim3s, wh3n "lisa" was 18, sh3 m3t "phil",wow what an asshol3 h3 turn3d out to b3. "lisa" and "phil" got marri3d, aft3r only knowing 3ach oth3r for 5 months. th3y had "racha3l" 4 y3ars lat3r, th3n th3y s3pparat3d, and d3cid3d to still sl33p tog3th3r, so thats wh3r3 "raqu3l" cam3 from. but at th3 sam3 tim3 "phil" was sl33ping with a yuk nam3d "j3rs3y" (lik3 th3 cow), and "j3rs3y" (lik3 th3 cow), got pr3gnant with a littl3 girl, nam3d " josaphin3", lat3r "phil" and "j3rs3y" (lik3 th3 cow) had a boy, th3y call3d him "darwood". "phil" and "j3rs3y" (lik3 th3 cow) ar3 still UNhappily marri3d and sl33ping in diff3rant rooms, th3y just had th3 polic3 at th3ir hous3 for doing and s3lling drugs, (but thats anoth3r story).

th3n "lisa" m33t a guy nam3d "dick", in 1990, th3y work3d tog3th3r, and got marri3d that nov3mb3r. "j3rs3y" (lik3 th3 cow) talk3d "phil" into giving his rights to th3 childr3n up. so "dick" adopt3d "racha3l"and "raqu3l", that marriag3 3nd3d badly also, and in 1995 "lisa" m3t h3r 3rd husband "ricky", but "lisa" and "ricky" didnt g3t marri3d until 2000. "lisa" and "ricky" ar3 still r3ally good fri3nds, th3y just look3d at lif3 a littl3 diff3r3ntly, so th3y divorc3d in 2009,aft3r a 3 y3ar s3p3ration.

in 2006 "lisa" m3t "william", th3y f3ll in lov3 almost instantly, and th3y w3r3 marri3d in august of if you think this story is lik3 any oth3r on3, wait till tomorrow, wh3n i t3ll you about how "lisa" and "william"s kids start3d dat3ing (3ach oth3r)..............

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


onc3 th3r3 was a f3mal3 nam3d "lisa" who m33t a guy nam3d "william" th3y f3ll in lov3, and aft3r four y3ars, th3y got marri3d. th3y w3r3 v3ry happy. "william" had a coupl3 of 3x-wiv3s, who tri3d to mak3 th3ir liv3s mis3rabl3, th3ir nam3s w3r3 "d33" and "kay", but as hard as th3s3 two tri3d, th3y just couldnt com3 b3tw33n "lisa" and "william".

"william" and "kay" hav3 b33n divorc3d for 25 y3ars, and hav3 a son nam3d "josh" who is 25. "kay" is also r3marri3d, to a r3ally nic3 guy nam3d "jim", but sh3 choos3s to b3 hat3ful, inst3ad of happy, go figur3, what a bitch, with a capital C.

"william" and "d33" hav3 b33n divorc3d for 8 y3ars, and hav3 2 sons and 2 daught3rs, nam3d "kory","kyl3", "kim" and "amb3r", th3y ar3 23, 22, 20, and 16. "d33" n3v3r got r3marri3d, mostly b3caus3 "d33" is a th3if, li3r, and 3xtr3mly old, "d33" has to b3 at l3ast 70. "d33" hasnt b33n a bitch for at l3ast 4 y3ars, as long as "lisa has known "d33", all "d33" has 3v3r b33n, is a C--T.

i gu3ss th3 mor3l of this story is, whil3 "william" and "lisa" liv3 in a nic3 quit3 south3rn stat3, all that "kay" and "d33" will 3v3r do, is liv3 in a stat3 of d3nial, confussion, and r3gr3t.

i "l3sli3" think "kay" should GO mind h3r famili3s bussin3ss, and "d33" you should just GO toward th3 light.

Monday, March 29, 2010

REALLY PAUL??????????????????????????

That is what you do after we talked???

This is not at ALL what we talked about!!!

You said you were going to go SEE her and talk, not send her a post, where the whole world could read.AND you spell it like you are in the third grade..

What was the point in you even wanting to talk to me?

WOW! I am NOT happy!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

8 and 8

8 things I hate about my daughter

  1. when she wont answer her phone for ME
  2. when she fights with Keith, while I am on the phone with her
  3. when I tell her I will call her when I wake up, and she calls me anyway
  4. when she talks faster than I can understand
  5. when she complains about people chewing
  6. when she doesn't take my side
  7. when she THINKS her problems are bigger than mine.
  8. when she leaves her clothes wrong side out
8 things I love about my daughter

  1. her lust for life
  2. her ability to move forward
  3. her trust in people
  4. her sense of humor
  5. her tenderness as a mother
  6. always finding the bright side
  7. her willingness to forgive
  8. that she is MINE

75 random things I hate

  1. jelly beans
  2. the dark
  3. spiders
  4. mean people
  5. Kurt and Kyle Bush
  6. Bud light with lime
  7. Foreign films
  8. sharing a bathroom
  9. coyotes
  10. blue finger nail polish
  11. bugs
  12. stupid people
  13. lobster
  14. old westerns
  15. raisins
  16. dead batteries
  17. over due bills
  18. liver
  19. touching worms
  20. bathroom scales
  21. dog puke
  22. being without my family
  23. snakes
  24. Walt's road trips
  25. dirty dishes
  26. wood tics
  27. people trying to be me
  28. big cities
  29. heights
  30. plastic
  31. failing
  32. people who dont flush
  33. kids that dont listen
  34. being alone
  35. mushrooms
  36. thunder and lightning
  37. gay porn
  38. two faced people
  39. out houses
  40. telemarketers
  41. kitchen chairs that dont match
  42. running out of toilet paper
  43. noises when I am alone
  44. August in Tennessee
  45. January in Maine
  46. tap water
  47. men who wont work
  48. finger prints on windows
  49. dirty ashtrays
  50. tornadoes
  51. Walt's homemade mac n cheese
  52. people who drive too fast
  53. flying
  54. burber* carpet
  55. tattle tales
  56. clutter
  57. occupied mouse traps
  58. dirty finger nails
  59. making the bed alone
  60. leaky roofs
  61. tongue rings
  62. tomatoes
  63. liars
  64. drunk drivers
  65. dirty ovens
  66. hiccups
  67. ex's who cannot get along
  68. minced meat pie
  69. Walt on vodka
  70. freezer burn
  71. bad breathe
  72. dust
  73. big foot
  74. sardines
  75. eye boogers

75 random things I love

  1. deer meat
  2. automatic vehicles
  3. dogs
  4. shooting guns
  5. old furniture
  6. washer and dryer
  7. comfortable patio furniture
  8. Steven king
  9. quilts
  10. birth control
  11. beer
  12. mirrors
  13. pizza
  14. remotes
  15. ladder ball
  16. survivor
  17. camo- shorts
  18. scary movies
  19. guys with hairy chests
  20. playing games
  21. water
  22. closed captions
  23. Maine
  24. being married
  25. family
  26. candles
  27. rainbows
  28. Christmas
  29. dining rooms
  30. caller ID
  31. baskets
  32. air conditioning
  33. suduko
  34. sunshine
  35. criminal minds
  36. the weekend
  37. fluffy pillows
  38. talking to and for my dogs
  39. cell phones
  40. laughing
  41. outside fires
  42. just read it
  43. baby swings
  44. November in Tennessee
  45. May in Maine
  46. rain
  47. dirty jokes
  48. cook-outs
  49. cordless phones
  50. pepperonis
  51. yard sales
  52. stained glass
  53. sensitive toothpaste
  54. stretching the truth
  55. super bowl commercials
  56. people that use coasters
  57. being me
  58. tattoos
  59. claw foot tubs
  60. big sweat shirts
  61. cuddling
  62. getting b- day cards
  63. blue eyes
  64. Walt in carharrts
  65. cast iron pots
  66. June
  67. Making Walt breakfast
  68. dodge trucks
  69. Cucumbers bed spread
  70. recycling
  71. a man in a tux
  72. company
  73. desperate housewives
  74. back scratchers
  75. visitors from Maine

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I dont understand nor will i ever why people don't stand behind their children
to me they are the most precious things in the world, i'm sure my kids have done things I dont know about, they have also done things they are not proud of, and they still come to me for love and support maybe guidance, but most of all understanding. I'm proud to say that if they ever asked for my help i was there for them. Sometimes in there lives they have gone to other family members and although i did not agree with their choices i was still there for them when they needed and wanted me. I have never made my children apologize more than once for something they have done and they in return have never made me apologize more than once and they have always forgiven me, that makes me feel like i did the best job ever. My chest fills with pride for my children. I also understand that i'm lucky that my kids turned out to get there license, finish school, and have babies. my oldest went to college and got married my youngest only nineteen is inpatiently waiting for her life as an adult to hurry up and begin.
as perfect as i would like to think i am there are some things that i have done that i would take back or do over but as of right now in my life the worst thing i do is swear and maybe write the occasional blog to my ex's current.
there are people from my past that chose not to have me in there present but im trying to deal with that knowing that i've done everything i could think of to fix it, when it comes right down to it i cant do it by myself, so i pray a lot and wait impatiently hoping someday that i will make my parents proud of there only daughter.

Leave my Men Alone

I have been thinking about all the men in my life.

Being 32 I am truly blessed to have as many as I do.

Obviously, there is my husband, my dad, my brothers, grand babies, nephews, step sons, uncles, and friends..

These men mean so much to me. ALL of them. They have all touched my heart one way or another. and I truly have love for all of them.

what I have noticed is some of these adult men have women that are way too scary, or rude, or nasty, or stupid, or just plain physco..

So, I am wondering - maybe it is not them, maybe it is us. I mean I always thought I was always the NORMAL one in all of my relationships. But all these messed up women in their lives. I am starting to second guess.

Not myself just yet, but all the other crazies..

I use to think Heidi and that Bi-polar girl that knew Fred from Bobby's Rule were the craziest women I had ever met. But I got to tell you, lately, they are seeming pretty normal. And that is really scaring me.

I guess what I am asking all you females out there, that are with the men I love. Step back. Look at your life, and the way that you are treating the men I love. Back off, please appreciate what you have got.

Dont forget, they are just men, they have to act that way - they cant help it.

But we are women, we can help it. Lets stop sinking below their level, rise up. Lets be better than Heidi and bi-polar girl.

We are aloud to bitch, just not to them, they dont care. Thats why we have each other.

Leave my men alone.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


I had a heart to heart with God last night, and I told him that I wanted to be a better person. Which I am trying to be.

So obviously, YOU would get thrown into the equation today. I know the Lord works in mysterious ways, but wow this was not one of those times. I should have seen this coming.

I talked to him for over four hours last night, then I hear your story, and I am back to the old me in under four minutes.

I am not blaming this on you, but wow! Look at the way you were raised- you should be a better person, but now you are mean, hateful and cruel.

And before you get angry please stop and think about what I am saying....................

Maybe my conversation with God, was his way of trying to get me to convince you to stop doing what you are doing.

Please listen to what I am saying. You use to be a great young lady - you were kind, generous and understanding.

You got mixed up with the wrong crowd, but it is never too late to fix your mistakes.

You are going to be stuck where you are, all the time knowing what you are doing is wrong..

You have my number - lets talk about this and make it right.



We got a new dog, her name is Abigal. She is a three year old black lab. We got her last Friday, and she is soo good!

She weighs just over 70 pounds, But Walt will tell you she weighs over 100 pounds, because she takes up so much space.

She is adjusting very well with her new family. Tobey and Charlie are sharing their mommy and daddy quite nicely.

She loves her tennis balls( she brought them with her) Unless she is sleeping or eating, she had got one in her mouth.

She will get up on couch and lay with me, but she wont get on the bed. She came with a black sleeping bag, so I put that in front of Walt's dresser, and she sleeps there.

I think the only downside in this, is if I get up in the middle of the night, I need to remember to turn the light on, or I will trip on one of the balls.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

You are Welcome

I have a very unique relationship with my children, and very close friends. But with my family, acquaintances,in-laws, and neighbors I dont.

I am not sure they need, or want to hear the daily problems that I am having in my life.
For example: If my sister Michelle is jealous that I was spending time with my sister Christina I wouldnt tell Christina that she was jealous. (that would just hurt her)

What I would do is try to try to spend a little more time with Michelle.

That way Michelle gets some of my time, and Christna gets some of my time. But Christina doesn't have to feel like a horrible person for no reason. (and I am not an idiot)

I guess what I am trying to explain to YOU ( aka idiot) is even though you have never stopped and had a thought before you did or said something: it is time to begin.....

The "M" word

I received some information recently on words that start with " M"

So if any of you would like to play a game try this one:

Rule 1. Use monopolize and manipulate in a short paragraph.

Rule 2. The paragraph ACTUALLY has to make sense.

Here is an example of what NOT to write.

" all you do is manipulate this family"

" how do I do that"

" you monopolize your father's time"

As we have all learned in the first grade if you are going to say something that you want other people to understand, then what you are saying needs to make sense.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

you know who you are

to all you people out there- and you know who you are
you are kicking my ass in "march madness"
i'll bet money even the people who arn't in this "march madness" are kicking my ass
i know its not over yet- so ive still got a shot but theres going to have to be a whole chain of events-hopefully starting today.
I've already called the universe, to try and get the planets and stars allined
then i called mother nature, sorry Q, your next.
im not mentioning any names but somebodys coming down with a bad case of yuck
so i will keep you posted and maybe next week at this time i will be winning or at the very least not in last place.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My marraige.

I truly feel that marriage is what you make it. You get out of it what you put into it.

When you find the perfect partner, something happens inside you. You want to be a better person.

At least that is what happened to me. After I met Walt- everything inside me changed. I have never loved a man the way I love him. He makes me feel like I am the one he'd been waiting his whole life to find.

I look forward to every day with him. He never leaves without kissing me goodbye, and always kisses me hello when he gets home.

He makes me feel complete, I didn't even know part of me was missing until I met him.

We dated for three years, and he cried when he asked me to be his wife.

In my opinion he is the greatest man on the planet.

When we do disagree it is usually over something HUGE, like when he gets out to pump gas and leaves his door open and the key in the ignition. I truly hate that noise.

Walter has made me a very happy person, and an extremely proud wife.

So I think I have finally figured out what a marriage needs to make both people unimaginably happy. All you need is the love of your life, more patient and understanding that you could ever imagine, taking the time to truly listen, hurting deep inside for them when they are hurting, being beside them always, and never letting them feel alone.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

I always feel like somebodys watching me

I always thought my life was more interesting than most.

I have had people watching me my entire life, if I wasn't me, I would be watching me.

My life is absurdly entertaining, after I turned 16, I was sure I was the Truman show in a parallel universe.

I am pretty sure after my second marriage the government started watching me.

I even check my back seat for paparazzi when I get in the car.

I have never left the house to check the mail in my jams because I dont want to make the front page of the ENQUIRER..

A lot of people may think being in the spotlight is easy.. well.......... I am not complaining.

Trust me, I love being me, I mean it. If I could be anyone in the world I would pick me.

I have got phenomenal family and friends, and I wouldn't change it for the world.

And just knowing the government is spending so much money on me just to watch and learn is really sort of sweet.

So, anyway just to know that you are out adds fuel to the fire.

Friday, February 26, 2010


I am sitting here thinking about all the awful, hateful, and nasty things you do and say to people. These people who are related to and loved by the people that are related to you.

I was going to ask you how you could possibly sleep at night.

So I spoke to my neighbor, he has been a psychotherapist for twenty years.

I explained your situation, what you have been saying, and your actions.

He explained so much about you - that maybe you didn't even realize.

We spoke for a couple hours - but I will put it in a NUT- shell:

  • You are jealous and insecure about people that you should be trying to embrace.
  • You are more than likely cheating on your spouse.
  • You are trying to hard to be your children's friend, and no where near hard enough to be a upstanding parent..
  • You make extremely bad choices on a daily basis
  • You probably dont drink or smoke, but you are most likely overweight
  • You may have one friend, but you dont trust her or him, but more likely than not you dont have anyone but your children.
  • You have never forgiven your husband for the past.
  • You have an extremely bad temper, and take it out on those around you..
  • You are probably not very educated..

Anyway if this sounds anything at all like the life you have been living, that may be exactly why you CAN'T sleep at night..

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Put the LYME in the coconut....

I have come to find out that some women are like tics ( and not just any tics, I mean deer tics)

She will latch onto you for deer life( no pun intended) ( well maybe a little)

She almost always go to a place that you cannot reach by yourself.

When you find out she is in you - you have already started to itch and burn.

By now you need a match to burn her ass out (you could use tweezers but her head would still be in there)

So after the crazy bitch (aka tic) finally backs off you could throw her away or drown her in the sink, but my personal favorite is to take my bic and burn the bitch until I hear a POP ( that's right, blow the bitch's ass off)

Granted, she may leave a scar, and you will have that scar for the rest of your life. BUT you will always enjoy the scar knowing that particular bitch will never interfere in your life again.

And yes, she will have given you a disease, just remember that's the only reason she was put on this earth----- to spread disease, and as long as she is gone that disease is really a very small price to pay.

Gosh, I really love my JEWEL-RY BOX!!!

enjoy it

its so strange to me the way some people treat other people
i think everybody makes mistakes and i think most everbody deserves a second chance
personally i have given many people another chance and a few people have done the same for me
but how many people deserve four five or six chances-i guess that depends on how big your heart is.
i believe that some people change-i also believe that some people will never change. its like they dont want to, like they care who they hurt
my point is-if people in your life are truly hurting you-i think you should remove them entirly-life is short-enjoy it


Lets say you had 7 "things"
you met someone and liked her so you gave her 1 of your "things" now you have 6
then you had a baby- so you gave her 1 of your "things" now you have 5
then you had another baby- so you gave her 1 of your "things" now you have 4
then you met someone else you liked- so you gave her 1 of your "things" now you have 3
then you had 2 more kids and gave them each a "thing" now you have 1, and obviously you kept it for yourself.
when your first 2 babies were little their mom took there "things" away from them
but now they're adults and one of them wants her thing back
she doesnt want your last "thing" she wants the "thing" you gave her
so i guess the only person she needs permission to get her "thing" back is her mom.
Now Do You See How I Can
Turn Everything Around- So Its About

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

You know who you are

I dont know who the hell you think you are, but if you ever hurt my children again, I will make a special trip to Maine and kick your diseased ass..
Okay, I get it, your sick.. But damn how long are you going to milk this garbage? Lose 50 pounds and that will make up for the 20 years that your disease will take off your life.

I have talked to your husband and son quite a bit in the past four months and I am not jealous of you ( OBVIOUSLY) but you need to know if you come into a mothers den and mess with her cubs you will( trust me) have hell to pay..

my kids are my whole life - I have five step kids, and they are more than welcome to spend time with their dad, that's because I love him, and oh yeah I am not twelve..