Wednesday, March 10, 2010

You are Welcome

I have a very unique relationship with my children, and very close friends. But with my family, acquaintances,in-laws, and neighbors I dont.

I am not sure they need, or want to hear the daily problems that I am having in my life.
For example: If my sister Michelle is jealous that I was spending time with my sister Christina I wouldnt tell Christina that she was jealous. (that would just hurt her)

What I would do is try to try to spend a little more time with Michelle.

That way Michelle gets some of my time, and Christna gets some of my time. But Christina doesn't have to feel like a horrible person for no reason. (and I am not an idiot)

I guess what I am trying to explain to YOU ( aka idiot) is even though you have never stopped and had a thought before you did or said something: it is time to begin.....

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