Thursday, September 2, 2010


h3ll-o, th3 last coupl3 of days som3 things hav3 happ3n3d............. som3 R3ALLY GOOD, and som3 not at all to my liking.

non3 of whats happ3n3d has anything to do with dian3 (thankfully sh3s quit3ly dropp3d of th3 plan3t)

th3 R3ALLY GOOD stuff i cant talk about..............y3t (mayb3 down th3 road a ways)

th3 not to my liking stuff i wont talk about..............y3t, (sam3 as abov3)

SOOOOOOO, i know what your thinking............why 3v3n say anything? right? i dont know, mayb3 caus3 i want to t3ll you, i just dont think i dar3 to........anyway, w3 w3nt to church last Sunday, i know, right, but w3 did. th3n on th3 way hom3 w3 stopp3d and got a 12 pack........ baby st3ps i gu3ss. if w3 can b3hav3 ours3lv3s on this holiday w33k-3nd, w3 will b3 going back this Sunday. y3s, w3 probably will stop off at th3 stor3 again.


you guys dont com3 h3r3 for that crap............

r3c3ntlly som3on3 told m3 a story about twosums (sp). i gu3ss my qu3stion is WHY?? not why to th3 story, but why to th3 stupid us3 of th3 word. th3 p3rson that wrot3 this mayb3 do3snt know that ov3r half th3 population do3s this? is s3x a dirty word in th3r3 hous3? but twosum is 3xc3ptabl3, i cant pictur3 mys3lf (until right now) saying "h3y walt, wanna go hav3 a twosum" i am not 3v3n sur3 what his answ3r would b3 (ok, i know what his answ3r would b3) BUT, what would h3 b3 thinking? som3thing along th3 lin3s of "is sh3 drinking alr3ady?" or "has sh3 b33n watching porn without m3...AGAIN", or "WOW i wond3r if sh3 m3nt to say thr33sum?"

mayb3 th3 p3rson that wrot3 this, just got a brand n3w th3saurus and thought it sound3d b3tt3r th3n s3x? w3ll, i think using twosum inst3ad of s3x is a half-witt3d, r3tart3d, idiotic, imb3cilic, and STUPID (that was m3 using a th3saurus)

not r3ally a point to any thing i just wrot3............but, at l3ast now i am horny :)

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