Thursday, August 5, 2010

aka (idiot)

today you g3t to h3ar about "migg3l" (aka miggy), this is "raqu3l"s 3x, and "jo3"s fath3r. "lisa", "raqu3l"s moth3r, has known "miggy" sinc3 2005. "lisa" n3v3r lik3d "miggy" (not just b3caus3 "miggy" was dating "raqu3l", but also b3caus3 "miggy" was a compl3t3 idiot) thats right, not an almost compl3t3 idiot, "miggy" was d3ffinatly compl3t3. "lisa" has lost count of all th3 stupid things that "miggy" has said or don3, but h3r3 ar3 a f3w, just so you might try and und3rstand th3 vast ignoranc3 of this fool. first off "miggy" got "raqu3l" pr3gnant at 16, now almost 3v3ryon3 can look at this as a coupl3 of kids who mad3 poor judgm3nts. but th3n "miggy" (now aka as "idiot") got h3r pr3gnant AGAIN, at 17, no r3sp3ct for anyon3.
so now, with no plac3 to go, no jobs, no car, no 3ducation, th3y had to mov3 in with "lisa" and "william" (th3 r3ason that "raqu3l" was not living with "lisa" alr3ady, is b3caus3 "raqu3l" thought sh3 could tak3 b3tt3r car3 of h3rs3lf, th3n h3r moth3r could) so sh3 took "lisa" to court and 3mancipat3d h3r s3lf.
"lisa" s3cr3tly hop3d that "miggy" ("idiot") was going to tr3at "r3qu3l" th3 way any man would tr3at a woman caring his child............ but oh no, "miggy" act3d lik3 h3 was th3 on3 pr3gnant, h3 sl3pt till 2 in th3 aft3rnoon, at3 and at3 and at3, and n3v3r ask3d to h3lp out, with ANYTHING,h3 brok3 "lisa"s show3r, twic3, h3 flood3d th3ir kitch3n, brok3 th3ir lawn mow3r, 3 tim3s, thats wh3n "william" stopp3d asking him to mow th3 grass. "william" actually thinks "miggy" ("idiot") did it on purpos3, "miggy" f3ll through th3 floor, and countl3ss oth3r things that would tak3 w33ks to t3ll. onc3 "william" took "miggy" job hunting, "william" had to tak3 him b3caus3 "miggy" didnt hav3 a car, or a driv3rs linc3nc3. wh3n "miggy" ("idiot") was filling out th3 app. h3 actually ask3d "william" what a signatur3 was. aft3r 3xplaining to "miggy" ("idiot") that it was his nam3, in cursiv3. "william" saw that th3r3 was no hop3 for this moron, so "william" brought him back to th3 hous3. aft3r "raqu3l" had th3 baby "jo3" (sooooooo handsom3, looks just lik3 "lisa", if you ask h3r) th3y d3cid3d to join th3 army, so th3y both took th3 t3st, th3y n33d3d to g3t 60 out of 100 right, "raqu3l" got a 94, "miggy" ("idiot") got a 9, thats right its not a typo h3 actually got a 9, th3 r3cruti3r cam3 right out and ask3d "miggy" ("idiot") if th3ir was som3thing wrong with him. hahahah "lisa" thought that was so funny.

"raqu3l" and "miggy ("idiot") only liv3d with "lisa" and "william" for 7 months, th3n th3y d3cid3d to mov3 back to main3. "lisa" miss3d "h3r daught3r and "jo3" but was sooooo happy to s33 that pi3c3 of trash g3t out of h3r hous3. sh3 thr3w a giant party, and all th3 voic3s that liv3 in h3r h3ad show3d up, th3y laugh3d and danc3d and told stori3s about all th3 stupid things that "miggy" ("idiot") had 3v3r don3. (ohhhhhhhh gr3at day for "lisa")

w3ll, sinc3 th3n "raqu3l" and "miggy" ("idiot") hav3 split up, and "raqu3l" m33t "st3w3rt" and gav3 "lisa" anoth3r grandson "chris" (looks just lik3 "lisa", if you ask h3r), sam3 st0ry, blah blah blah, th3n th3y brook up , now sh3s dating som3 guy nam3d "whats his nam3", "lisa" d3cid3d that wh3n it com3s to "raqu3l"s boy fri3nds, th3r3 is r3ally no n33d to r3m3mb3r nam3s.

"lisa" thinks that most of "raqu3l"s probl3ms com3 for h3r r3al fath3r "phil",for giving h3r away, lik3 som3on3 might giv3 away a puppy, "lisa" will n3v3r forgiv3 "phil" but sh3 do3s wish "phil" would stop calling h3r 3v3ryday, 3v3n though "phil" us3s a fri3nds phon3, "lisa" knows that "j3rs3y" (lik3 th3 cow) is going to find out

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