Wednesday, August 4, 2010

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todays l3sson (on stupid things not to say to your childr3n), is onc3 again brought to you by ......... non3 oth3r th3n "phil". "lisa"s young3st daught3r "raqu3l", which is "phil"s middl3 daught3r, stopp3d by to s33 him on his birthday ("raqu3l" didnt know it was "phil"s b-day, but why should sh3, wh3n "raqu3l" has only just m3t him) and "phil" said to "raqu3l", you cant com3 in th3 hous3, b3caus3 "j3rs3y" (lik3 th3 cow) is still mad at you, and im not j3pordizing my marriag3 ov3r this.....

OKAY HOLD TH3 PHON3 ASS WIP3....did you r3ally just say that? WOW, ok, first of all, what marriag3? and s3cond of all dirtbag, this is your kid, r3m3mb3r th3 on3 you gav3 away, b3caus3 "j3rs3y" (lik3 th3 cow) told you to.

just in cas3 you didnt know this "phil", im going to 3nlight3n you, a marriag3 is mor3 th3n just a pi3c3 of pap3r, or knocking "j3rs3y"s (lik3 th3 cow's) two front t33th out, or sl33ping with h3r co-work3r, or sl33ping with your fri3nds wif3. (but i do und3rstand why "josaphin3" acts lik3 that) sh3 d3ffinatly g3ts it hon3st.

a marriag3 is a r3latioship b3tw33n to adults, so for you "phil", to think for a s3cond that "raqu3l" actually was in dang3r of j3pordizing anything b3tw33n you and "j3rs3y" (lik3 th3 cow) 3xc3pt mayb3 int3rf3ring with th3 harv3st of ill3g3l drugs, th3n you n33d h3lp (not with th3 harv3st)

i wish "lisa" could 3xplain to "raqu3l" what a fuckin dick smok3r you ar3, and what a crotch rot that "j3rs3y" (lik3 th3 cow) is, or how sh3 is wasting valuabl3 tim3 (h3rs) on a coupl3 of no good,whit3 trash,pi3c3s of shit, carcass garbag3, back stabbing, wif3 b3ating, kbs calling, bad par3nting, blog r3ading (i actually lik3 that), idiots that you two ar3.

w3ll, i f33l b3tt3r, "lisa" f33ls b3tt3r, and i hop3 th3 two of you l3arn3d som3thing, 33v3n if its just to scroll down, so you can finish this blog

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