Thursday, February 25, 2010

Put the LYME in the coconut....

I have come to find out that some women are like tics ( and not just any tics, I mean deer tics)

She will latch onto you for deer life( no pun intended) ( well maybe a little)

She almost always go to a place that you cannot reach by yourself.

When you find out she is in you - you have already started to itch and burn.

By now you need a match to burn her ass out (you could use tweezers but her head would still be in there)

So after the crazy bitch (aka tic) finally backs off you could throw her away or drown her in the sink, but my personal favorite is to take my bic and burn the bitch until I hear a POP ( that's right, blow the bitch's ass off)

Granted, she may leave a scar, and you will have that scar for the rest of your life. BUT you will always enjoy the scar knowing that particular bitch will never interfere in your life again.

And yes, she will have given you a disease, just remember that's the only reason she was put on this earth----- to spread disease, and as long as she is gone that disease is really a very small price to pay.

Gosh, I really love my JEWEL-RY BOX!!!

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