Monday, March 29, 2010

REALLY PAUL??????????????????????????

That is what you do after we talked???

This is not at ALL what we talked about!!!

You said you were going to go SEE her and talk, not send her a post, where the whole world could read.AND you spell it like you are in the third grade..

What was the point in you even wanting to talk to me?

WOW! I am NOT happy!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

8 and 8

8 things I hate about my daughter

  1. when she wont answer her phone for ME
  2. when she fights with Keith, while I am on the phone with her
  3. when I tell her I will call her when I wake up, and she calls me anyway
  4. when she talks faster than I can understand
  5. when she complains about people chewing
  6. when she doesn't take my side
  7. when she THINKS her problems are bigger than mine.
  8. when she leaves her clothes wrong side out
8 things I love about my daughter

  1. her lust for life
  2. her ability to move forward
  3. her trust in people
  4. her sense of humor
  5. her tenderness as a mother
  6. always finding the bright side
  7. her willingness to forgive
  8. that she is MINE

75 random things I hate

  1. jelly beans
  2. the dark
  3. spiders
  4. mean people
  5. Kurt and Kyle Bush
  6. Bud light with lime
  7. Foreign films
  8. sharing a bathroom
  9. coyotes
  10. blue finger nail polish
  11. bugs
  12. stupid people
  13. lobster
  14. old westerns
  15. raisins
  16. dead batteries
  17. over due bills
  18. liver
  19. touching worms
  20. bathroom scales
  21. dog puke
  22. being without my family
  23. snakes
  24. Walt's road trips
  25. dirty dishes
  26. wood tics
  27. people trying to be me
  28. big cities
  29. heights
  30. plastic
  31. failing
  32. people who dont flush
  33. kids that dont listen
  34. being alone
  35. mushrooms
  36. thunder and lightning
  37. gay porn
  38. two faced people
  39. out houses
  40. telemarketers
  41. kitchen chairs that dont match
  42. running out of toilet paper
  43. noises when I am alone
  44. August in Tennessee
  45. January in Maine
  46. tap water
  47. men who wont work
  48. finger prints on windows
  49. dirty ashtrays
  50. tornadoes
  51. Walt's homemade mac n cheese
  52. people who drive too fast
  53. flying
  54. burber* carpet
  55. tattle tales
  56. clutter
  57. occupied mouse traps
  58. dirty finger nails
  59. making the bed alone
  60. leaky roofs
  61. tongue rings
  62. tomatoes
  63. liars
  64. drunk drivers
  65. dirty ovens
  66. hiccups
  67. ex's who cannot get along
  68. minced meat pie
  69. Walt on vodka
  70. freezer burn
  71. bad breathe
  72. dust
  73. big foot
  74. sardines
  75. eye boogers

75 random things I love

  1. deer meat
  2. automatic vehicles
  3. dogs
  4. shooting guns
  5. old furniture
  6. washer and dryer
  7. comfortable patio furniture
  8. Steven king
  9. quilts
  10. birth control
  11. beer
  12. mirrors
  13. pizza
  14. remotes
  15. ladder ball
  16. survivor
  17. camo- shorts
  18. scary movies
  19. guys with hairy chests
  20. playing games
  21. water
  22. closed captions
  23. Maine
  24. being married
  25. family
  26. candles
  27. rainbows
  28. Christmas
  29. dining rooms
  30. caller ID
  31. baskets
  32. air conditioning
  33. suduko
  34. sunshine
  35. criminal minds
  36. the weekend
  37. fluffy pillows
  38. talking to and for my dogs
  39. cell phones
  40. laughing
  41. outside fires
  42. just read it
  43. baby swings
  44. November in Tennessee
  45. May in Maine
  46. rain
  47. dirty jokes
  48. cook-outs
  49. cordless phones
  50. pepperonis
  51. yard sales
  52. stained glass
  53. sensitive toothpaste
  54. stretching the truth
  55. super bowl commercials
  56. people that use coasters
  57. being me
  58. tattoos
  59. claw foot tubs
  60. big sweat shirts
  61. cuddling
  62. getting b- day cards
  63. blue eyes
  64. Walt in carharrts
  65. cast iron pots
  66. June
  67. Making Walt breakfast
  68. dodge trucks
  69. Cucumbers bed spread
  70. recycling
  71. a man in a tux
  72. company
  73. desperate housewives
  74. back scratchers
  75. visitors from Maine

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I dont understand nor will i ever why people don't stand behind their children
to me they are the most precious things in the world, i'm sure my kids have done things I dont know about, they have also done things they are not proud of, and they still come to me for love and support maybe guidance, but most of all understanding. I'm proud to say that if they ever asked for my help i was there for them. Sometimes in there lives they have gone to other family members and although i did not agree with their choices i was still there for them when they needed and wanted me. I have never made my children apologize more than once for something they have done and they in return have never made me apologize more than once and they have always forgiven me, that makes me feel like i did the best job ever. My chest fills with pride for my children. I also understand that i'm lucky that my kids turned out to get there license, finish school, and have babies. my oldest went to college and got married my youngest only nineteen is inpatiently waiting for her life as an adult to hurry up and begin.
as perfect as i would like to think i am there are some things that i have done that i would take back or do over but as of right now in my life the worst thing i do is swear and maybe write the occasional blog to my ex's current.
there are people from my past that chose not to have me in there present but im trying to deal with that knowing that i've done everything i could think of to fix it, when it comes right down to it i cant do it by myself, so i pray a lot and wait impatiently hoping someday that i will make my parents proud of there only daughter.

Leave my Men Alone

I have been thinking about all the men in my life.

Being 32 I am truly blessed to have as many as I do.

Obviously, there is my husband, my dad, my brothers, grand babies, nephews, step sons, uncles, and friends..

These men mean so much to me. ALL of them. They have all touched my heart one way or another. and I truly have love for all of them.

what I have noticed is some of these adult men have women that are way too scary, or rude, or nasty, or stupid, or just plain physco..

So, I am wondering - maybe it is not them, maybe it is us. I mean I always thought I was always the NORMAL one in all of my relationships. But all these messed up women in their lives. I am starting to second guess.

Not myself just yet, but all the other crazies..

I use to think Heidi and that Bi-polar girl that knew Fred from Bobby's Rule were the craziest women I had ever met. But I got to tell you, lately, they are seeming pretty normal. And that is really scaring me.

I guess what I am asking all you females out there, that are with the men I love. Step back. Look at your life, and the way that you are treating the men I love. Back off, please appreciate what you have got.

Dont forget, they are just men, they have to act that way - they cant help it.

But we are women, we can help it. Lets stop sinking below their level, rise up. Lets be better than Heidi and bi-polar girl.

We are aloud to bitch, just not to them, they dont care. Thats why we have each other.

Leave my men alone.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


I had a heart to heart with God last night, and I told him that I wanted to be a better person. Which I am trying to be.

So obviously, YOU would get thrown into the equation today. I know the Lord works in mysterious ways, but wow this was not one of those times. I should have seen this coming.

I talked to him for over four hours last night, then I hear your story, and I am back to the old me in under four minutes.

I am not blaming this on you, but wow! Look at the way you were raised- you should be a better person, but now you are mean, hateful and cruel.

And before you get angry please stop and think about what I am saying....................

Maybe my conversation with God, was his way of trying to get me to convince you to stop doing what you are doing.

Please listen to what I am saying. You use to be a great young lady - you were kind, generous and understanding.

You got mixed up with the wrong crowd, but it is never too late to fix your mistakes.

You are going to be stuck where you are, all the time knowing what you are doing is wrong..

You have my number - lets talk about this and make it right.



We got a new dog, her name is Abigal. She is a three year old black lab. We got her last Friday, and she is soo good!

She weighs just over 70 pounds, But Walt will tell you she weighs over 100 pounds, because she takes up so much space.

She is adjusting very well with her new family. Tobey and Charlie are sharing their mommy and daddy quite nicely.

She loves her tennis balls( she brought them with her) Unless she is sleeping or eating, she had got one in her mouth.

She will get up on couch and lay with me, but she wont get on the bed. She came with a black sleeping bag, so I put that in front of Walt's dresser, and she sleeps there.

I think the only downside in this, is if I get up in the middle of the night, I need to remember to turn the light on, or I will trip on one of the balls.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

You are Welcome

I have a very unique relationship with my children, and very close friends. But with my family, acquaintances,in-laws, and neighbors I dont.

I am not sure they need, or want to hear the daily problems that I am having in my life.
For example: If my sister Michelle is jealous that I was spending time with my sister Christina I wouldnt tell Christina that she was jealous. (that would just hurt her)

What I would do is try to try to spend a little more time with Michelle.

That way Michelle gets some of my time, and Christna gets some of my time. But Christina doesn't have to feel like a horrible person for no reason. (and I am not an idiot)

I guess what I am trying to explain to YOU ( aka idiot) is even though you have never stopped and had a thought before you did or said something: it is time to begin.....

The "M" word

I received some information recently on words that start with " M"

So if any of you would like to play a game try this one:

Rule 1. Use monopolize and manipulate in a short paragraph.

Rule 2. The paragraph ACTUALLY has to make sense.

Here is an example of what NOT to write.

" all you do is manipulate this family"

" how do I do that"

" you monopolize your father's time"

As we have all learned in the first grade if you are going to say something that you want other people to understand, then what you are saying needs to make sense.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

you know who you are

to all you people out there- and you know who you are
you are kicking my ass in "march madness"
i'll bet money even the people who arn't in this "march madness" are kicking my ass
i know its not over yet- so ive still got a shot but theres going to have to be a whole chain of events-hopefully starting today.
I've already called the universe, to try and get the planets and stars allined
then i called mother nature, sorry Q, your next.
im not mentioning any names but somebodys coming down with a bad case of yuck
so i will keep you posted and maybe next week at this time i will be winning or at the very least not in last place.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My marraige.

I truly feel that marriage is what you make it. You get out of it what you put into it.

When you find the perfect partner, something happens inside you. You want to be a better person.

At least that is what happened to me. After I met Walt- everything inside me changed. I have never loved a man the way I love him. He makes me feel like I am the one he'd been waiting his whole life to find.

I look forward to every day with him. He never leaves without kissing me goodbye, and always kisses me hello when he gets home.

He makes me feel complete, I didn't even know part of me was missing until I met him.

We dated for three years, and he cried when he asked me to be his wife.

In my opinion he is the greatest man on the planet.

When we do disagree it is usually over something HUGE, like when he gets out to pump gas and leaves his door open and the key in the ignition. I truly hate that noise.

Walter has made me a very happy person, and an extremely proud wife.

So I think I have finally figured out what a marriage needs to make both people unimaginably happy. All you need is the love of your life, more patient and understanding that you could ever imagine, taking the time to truly listen, hurting deep inside for them when they are hurting, being beside them always, and never letting them feel alone.