Tuesday, August 10, 2010

alrighty kids, today im going to start with "phil" AGAIN, just wh3n i think im going to giv3 him som3 much n33d3d tim3 off(n33d3d only b3caus3 h3s SUCH a dick) and wh3n i say dick, i dont m3an "dick" as in "lisa"s 2nd husband. i m3an dick, as in DICK.

w3ll it turns out that "phil" has to go away for a coupl3 of w33ks. i know you ar3 all v3ry 3xcit3d about this, i just wish mor3 p3opl3 liv3d in oxford county, so th3y too, could c3l3brat3 his glorious abs3nc3. it also turns out, that "j3rs3y" (lik3 th3 cow) has to b3 gon3 for much of that tim3 also, again i know what you all ar3 thinking, (its lik3 th3 nois3 in YOVILL3 wh3n you op3n th3 pr3s3nt, on th3 job) and if you dont know th3 sound, just pictur3 a choir singing :).

im still not sur3 why "phil" continu3s to call "lisa", wh3n h3 knows that "lisa" t3lls m3 (l3sli3 aka l3st3r) 3V3RYTHING.. and that i writ3 it down on this blog, BUT "phil" do3s, so i do.

w3ll, "phil" told "lisa" that h3 wasnt going to b3 s33ing his wif3 "j3rs3y" (lik3 th3 cow) for thos3 2 w33ks, and that h3 was v3ry 3xcit3d about this, not b3caus3 h3 want3d to s33 if h3 would miss h3r, nooooooo but b3caus3 "phil" kn3w that h3 wouldnt miss "j3rs3y" (lik3 th3 cow). and that h3 was sick of th3 constant bick3ring, and fighting about 3v3rything from "j3rs3y"s (lik3 th3 cows) w3ight to h3r having troubl3 finding p3opl3 that didnt mind b3ing in th3 sam3 room with h3r. now sinc3 "darwood" mov3d out (in with his t3ach3r i think), that just l3av3s "josaphin3" at th3 trail3r. i wond3r if portland will mak3 an app3r3nc3? or mayb3 "josaphin3" has suc3ssfuly compl3tt3d portland, and has mov3d on to th3 bidd3ford-saco ar3a of th3 stat3.

anyway, th3 n3xt 2 w33ks should b3 r3ally int3r3sting to blog about. "phil" promis3d "lisa" that h3 would continu3 to call h3r dail3y,so that giv3s m3 tons to t3ll, but i may hav3 to chang3 "phil" and "j3rs3y"s (lik3 th3 cows) nam3 to som3thing 3ls3 so "j3rs3y" (lik3 th3 cow) do3nt catch on. mayb3 som3thing that starts with th3 sam3 first l3tt3r. :) :) :) :)

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