Tuesday, August 24, 2010

w3llllllllllll, w3 all had a w33k off!! how was it for you guys? m3 and "lisa"? it was......... un3v3ntful. but as w3 ALL know, ALL good things MUST com3 to an 3nd. (thanks "d33")
"lisa" was at hom3, minding h3r own busin3ss.........wh3n who do you suppos3 calls (in th3 middl3 of th3 day, a TU3SDAY). you gu3ss3d it "d33". this old hag of a thing "d33", d3cid3ds to start shit with "lisa", can you b3li3v3 it? i m3an, "lisa", of ALL p3opl3!! (haha)
"d33" starts th3 phon3 call with-'im not starting anything BUT'....... "lisa" didnt say anything to "d33", sh3 just list3n3d. wh3n "d33" was finish3d y3lling about birthdays and stamps and som3 disgusting boil that "d33" found on h3r backsid3, sh3 hung up! yup "d33" hung up on "lisa", w3ll, "lisa" didnt appriciat3 this at all!! so, "lisa" calls "d33", gu3ss what- straight to machin3!! surpris3 surpris3 surpris3..
so th3n "lisa" d3cid3s to call m3, THANK GOD, i hav3 b33n soooooooo bor3d, you know, with 3v3rybody g3tting along, it kind of f3lt lik3 my birthday!!
so "lisa" fills m3 in on all of "d33"s pill popping, b33r drinking, pants p33ing, ways. i just list3n3d to all that "lisa" was t3lling m3.. AND WOW.. th3 thing call3d "d33", sh3 is soo much nasti3r th3n i 3v3n 3xp3ct3d, i m3an r3ally gross!! i found out that "d33" do3snt bath 3V3R, just tak3s whor3s baths (thats a washcloth to th3 t and a) for all you young p3opl3 out th3r3, 3xc3pt for "josaphin3" who knows 3xactly what a whor3s bath is. i also found out that sh3 do3snt stop at just family, wh3n it com3s to st33ling, oh nooooooo, sh3 st33ls from h3r n3ighbors, "d33" 3v3n took a wall3t out of an old ladi3s purs3 at th3 sup3r mark3t. im not r3ally sur3 what "d33" consid3rs old......i m3an "d33" hit 70 a whil3 back. i also h3ard that sh3 has way mor3 th3n 1 boil on h3r ass, from th3 stori3s i h3ar, its lik3 20, all bigg3r th3n half dollars!! my gu3ss is th3y com3 from not bathing, and sitting in you own filth-yuk
i do f3ll bad for "lisa", i m3an sh3 had just start3d talking nic3ly to "william"s kids. but all that asid3, i do lik3 wh3n "d33" cant k33p h3r wrinkl3d up old mouth shut.. :0) it mak3s m3 happy.
so to all you "d33"s out th3r3.......i say, k33p th3 shit going.......its all you hav3 l3ft, so who ar3 w3 to ask you to stop?
i hav3 absolut3ly nothing against anyon3 who is clos3r to 100 th3n 50, and sm3lls lik3 shit, and st33ls just caus3, and has half dollar siz3 mountains growing on h3r ass, just pl3as3 stay th3 h3ll away from m3.......


  1. This is just all wrong. I made my self I blog too :D

  2. yea, I agree with ASHLEY, you had a two and a three some..AND a one-some... and quite frankly I am appalled.. aren't you Ashley?

  3. Yes I am it is so damn interesting knowing others sex lifes. Don't you agree Becky?

  4. Agree with? What, knowing other's sex lives?
    actually I think it can be interesting to see how different we all are when we are intimate, so YES, I do find it interesting..
    However, what I do not find agreeable, is sharing it with the world, one day when you actually start being intimate with the person you choose to be close to, you will not want others to know about it.. or will you?