Thursday, July 29, 2010

(lik3 th3 cow)

today ill t3ll you a littl3 bit about "lisa" sh3 has two wond3rful daught3rs, 21 and 20, th3ir nam3s ar3 "racha3l" and "raqu3l". "lisa" has b33n marri3d 4 tim3s, wh3n "lisa" was 18, sh3 m3t "phil",wow what an asshol3 h3 turn3d out to b3. "lisa" and "phil" got marri3d, aft3r only knowing 3ach oth3r for 5 months. th3y had "racha3l" 4 y3ars lat3r, th3n th3y s3pparat3d, and d3cid3d to still sl33p tog3th3r, so thats wh3r3 "raqu3l" cam3 from. but at th3 sam3 tim3 "phil" was sl33ping with a yuk nam3d "j3rs3y" (lik3 th3 cow), and "j3rs3y" (lik3 th3 cow), got pr3gnant with a littl3 girl, nam3d " josaphin3", lat3r "phil" and "j3rs3y" (lik3 th3 cow) had a boy, th3y call3d him "darwood". "phil" and "j3rs3y" (lik3 th3 cow) ar3 still UNhappily marri3d and sl33ping in diff3rant rooms, th3y just had th3 polic3 at th3ir hous3 for doing and s3lling drugs, (but thats anoth3r story).

th3n "lisa" m33t a guy nam3d "dick", in 1990, th3y work3d tog3th3r, and got marri3d that nov3mb3r. "j3rs3y" (lik3 th3 cow) talk3d "phil" into giving his rights to th3 childr3n up. so "dick" adopt3d "racha3l"and "raqu3l", that marriag3 3nd3d badly also, and in 1995 "lisa" m3t h3r 3rd husband "ricky", but "lisa" and "ricky" didnt g3t marri3d until 2000. "lisa" and "ricky" ar3 still r3ally good fri3nds, th3y just look3d at lif3 a littl3 diff3r3ntly, so th3y divorc3d in 2009,aft3r a 3 y3ar s3p3ration.

in 2006 "lisa" m3t "william", th3y f3ll in lov3 almost instantly, and th3y w3r3 marri3d in august of if you think this story is lik3 any oth3r on3, wait till tomorrow, wh3n i t3ll you about how "lisa" and "william"s kids start3d dat3ing (3ach oth3r)..............

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