Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Leave my Men Alone

I have been thinking about all the men in my life.

Being 32 I am truly blessed to have as many as I do.

Obviously, there is my husband, my dad, my brothers, grand babies, nephews, step sons, uncles, and friends..

These men mean so much to me. ALL of them. They have all touched my heart one way or another. and I truly have love for all of them.

what I have noticed is some of these adult men have women that are way too scary, or rude, or nasty, or stupid, or just plain physco..

So, I am wondering - maybe it is not them, maybe it is us. I mean I always thought I was always the NORMAL one in all of my relationships. But all these messed up women in their lives. I am starting to second guess.

Not myself just yet, but all the other crazies..

I use to think Heidi and that Bi-polar girl that knew Fred from Bobby's Rule were the craziest women I had ever met. But I got to tell you, lately, they are seeming pretty normal. And that is really scaring me.

I guess what I am asking all you females out there, that are with the men I love. Step back. Look at your life, and the way that you are treating the men I love. Back off, please appreciate what you have got.

Dont forget, they are just men, they have to act that way - they cant help it.

But we are women, we can help it. Lets stop sinking below their level, rise up. Lets be better than Heidi and bi-polar girl.

We are aloud to bitch, just not to them, they dont care. Thats why we have each other.

Leave my men alone.


  1. I hate to say this on national television. But as your shrink, I thought we talked about embracing your age.. not subtracting decades..
    just to remind you we need to progress, not DIGRESS!!

  2. i think as my shrink dont we have dr. patient confidentiality i am suing you, my lawyer will be in touch, plus for the record its only 1 decade