Saturday, March 27, 2010

8 and 8

8 things I hate about my daughter

  1. when she wont answer her phone for ME
  2. when she fights with Keith, while I am on the phone with her
  3. when I tell her I will call her when I wake up, and she calls me anyway
  4. when she talks faster than I can understand
  5. when she complains about people chewing
  6. when she doesn't take my side
  7. when she THINKS her problems are bigger than mine.
  8. when she leaves her clothes wrong side out
8 things I love about my daughter

  1. her lust for life
  2. her ability to move forward
  3. her trust in people
  4. her sense of humor
  5. her tenderness as a mother
  6. always finding the bright side
  7. her willingness to forgive
  8. that she is MINE

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