Saturday, February 27, 2010

I always feel like somebodys watching me

I always thought my life was more interesting than most.

I have had people watching me my entire life, if I wasn't me, I would be watching me.

My life is absurdly entertaining, after I turned 16, I was sure I was the Truman show in a parallel universe.

I am pretty sure after my second marriage the government started watching me.

I even check my back seat for paparazzi when I get in the car.

I have never left the house to check the mail in my jams because I dont want to make the front page of the ENQUIRER..

A lot of people may think being in the spotlight is easy.. well.......... I am not complaining.

Trust me, I love being me, I mean it. If I could be anyone in the world I would pick me.

I have got phenomenal family and friends, and I wouldn't change it for the world.

And just knowing the government is spending so much money on me just to watch and learn is really sort of sweet.

So, anyway just to know that you are out adds fuel to the fire.

Friday, February 26, 2010


I am sitting here thinking about all the awful, hateful, and nasty things you do and say to people. These people who are related to and loved by the people that are related to you.

I was going to ask you how you could possibly sleep at night.

So I spoke to my neighbor, he has been a psychotherapist for twenty years.

I explained your situation, what you have been saying, and your actions.

He explained so much about you - that maybe you didn't even realize.

We spoke for a couple hours - but I will put it in a NUT- shell:

  • You are jealous and insecure about people that you should be trying to embrace.
  • You are more than likely cheating on your spouse.
  • You are trying to hard to be your children's friend, and no where near hard enough to be a upstanding parent..
  • You make extremely bad choices on a daily basis
  • You probably dont drink or smoke, but you are most likely overweight
  • You may have one friend, but you dont trust her or him, but more likely than not you dont have anyone but your children.
  • You have never forgiven your husband for the past.
  • You have an extremely bad temper, and take it out on those around you..
  • You are probably not very educated..

Anyway if this sounds anything at all like the life you have been living, that may be exactly why you CAN'T sleep at night..

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Put the LYME in the coconut....

I have come to find out that some women are like tics ( and not just any tics, I mean deer tics)

She will latch onto you for deer life( no pun intended) ( well maybe a little)

She almost always go to a place that you cannot reach by yourself.

When you find out she is in you - you have already started to itch and burn.

By now you need a match to burn her ass out (you could use tweezers but her head would still be in there)

So after the crazy bitch (aka tic) finally backs off you could throw her away or drown her in the sink, but my personal favorite is to take my bic and burn the bitch until I hear a POP ( that's right, blow the bitch's ass off)

Granted, she may leave a scar, and you will have that scar for the rest of your life. BUT you will always enjoy the scar knowing that particular bitch will never interfere in your life again.

And yes, she will have given you a disease, just remember that's the only reason she was put on this earth----- to spread disease, and as long as she is gone that disease is really a very small price to pay.

Gosh, I really love my JEWEL-RY BOX!!!

enjoy it

its so strange to me the way some people treat other people
i think everybody makes mistakes and i think most everbody deserves a second chance
personally i have given many people another chance and a few people have done the same for me
but how many people deserve four five or six chances-i guess that depends on how big your heart is.
i believe that some people change-i also believe that some people will never change. its like they dont want to, like they care who they hurt
my point is-if people in your life are truly hurting you-i think you should remove them entirly-life is short-enjoy it


Lets say you had 7 "things"
you met someone and liked her so you gave her 1 of your "things" now you have 6
then you had a baby- so you gave her 1 of your "things" now you have 5
then you had another baby- so you gave her 1 of your "things" now you have 4
then you met someone else you liked- so you gave her 1 of your "things" now you have 3
then you had 2 more kids and gave them each a "thing" now you have 1, and obviously you kept it for yourself.
when your first 2 babies were little their mom took there "things" away from them
but now they're adults and one of them wants her thing back
she doesnt want your last "thing" she wants the "thing" you gave her
so i guess the only person she needs permission to get her "thing" back is her mom.
Now Do You See How I Can
Turn Everything Around- So Its About

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

You know who you are

I dont know who the hell you think you are, but if you ever hurt my children again, I will make a special trip to Maine and kick your diseased ass..
Okay, I get it, your sick.. But damn how long are you going to milk this garbage? Lose 50 pounds and that will make up for the 20 years that your disease will take off your life.

I have talked to your husband and son quite a bit in the past four months and I am not jealous of you ( OBVIOUSLY) but you need to know if you come into a mothers den and mess with her cubs you will( trust me) have hell to pay..

my kids are my whole life - I have five step kids, and they are more than welcome to spend time with their dad, that's because I love him, and oh yeah I am not twelve..