Friday, August 13, 2010

h3llo again- its friday, so you all no what that m3ans.......thats right, this is my last blog until monday. (unl3ss som3on3 piss3s "lisa" off)
"william" and "lisa" ar3 c3l3brating th3ir first annv. on sunday. good for th3m. if any coupl3 i no d3s3rv3s to happy,its th3m. "william"is also having his 49th birthday on monday, so "lisa" is having a cook out on saturday. th3 whol3 two birds with on3 ston3 thing i gu3ss.

"rach3l" and "kory"s son "andr3w" is having a sl33p ov3r at his gr3at grandmoth3rs (h3r nam3 is also "rach3l", but 3v3ryon3 calls h3r "colossal c3l" c3l is pronounc3d k3l), "collossal c3l" is not sp3aking to "rach3l", just to "kory", i no, i agr33 with you, it is stupid, but what can you do? (oh y3ah, i can blog)

"collossal cal" is not sp3aking to "lisa" 3ith3r, this all start3d wh3n "raqu3l" got pr3gnant at 16, r3m3mb3r? anyway, "lisa" tri3d for 2 or 3 y3ars to talk to h3r moth3r, but wh3n "collossal c3l" g3ts a hair across h3r ass, WATCH OUT. "collossal cal" told "lisa" that sh3 wasnt doing a v3ry good jog moth3ring, if "lisa" l3t h3r 16 y3ar old daught3r g3t knock3d up.

"lisa" r3m3mb3rs all th3 stori3s, about how "collossal c3l" f3ll from h3av3n on a p3rf3ct whit3 cloud, and had to liv3 amoung3st all th3 putrid,mis3rabl3,wr3tch3d, insuff3rabl3, 3vil wick3dn3ss on this horrabl3 plac3 call3d 3arth. and how "collosal cal" kn3w from th3 v3ry first day that sh3 arriv3d h3r3, that h3r goal was to show all th3 failur3s of this unpl3asant world (in h3r 3y3s that includ3d man or b3ast) that sh3 and only sh3, had th3 d3vin3 pow3r to rul3 this God forsak3n sph3r3. .....................w3ll, ok, "lisa" do3snt r3ally r3m3mb3r any of thos3 stori3s, but its th3 only thing that mak3s any kind of sc3nc3.

"lisa" knows that "collossal cal" isnt any b3tt3r th3n th3 r3st of us, so "lisa" do3snt und3rstand why "collossal cal" acts lik3 sh3 is. "lisa" b3ing rais3d by this woman, knows soooooooo many stori3s of all "collossal cal"s mistak3s, wrong doings, und3rhand3d, and just plain ill3gal things that hav3 happ3n3d ov3r th3 y3ars, but "collossal cal" for som3 unknown r3ason, cant s33m to r3m3mb3r any of thos3 things.

so, for ALL you p3opl3 out th3r3 that would rath3r hold a grudg3, rath3r th3n trying to hold your family tog3th3r, "lisa" says K33P UP TH3 GOOD WORK, WH3N ITS TIM3 FOR YOU TO M33T YOUR MAK3R, IM SUR3 YOUR GRUDG3S WILL B3 TH3 ONLY ON3S THAT R3ALLY GIV3 A FLYING FUCK

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