Wednesday, September 1, 2010

f33l fr33 to comm3nt

w3ll, h3r3 i am again!!!! i r3ally dont 3v3n no wh3r3 to start (i no you ar3 all thinking th3 b3gining would b3 a good plac3), but this chapt3r of my lif3 is WAY to long for that....... so im going to start at th3 3nd.
if you hav3 b33n r3ading my blogs (which of coars3 you hav3, or you wouldnt b3 h3r3), th3n i n33d to t3ll you som3thing that you alr3ady know.......... "lisa" is M3, i know, right, big shock3r.....i am sur3 that this is quit3 alot for you to tak3 in ALL at onc3, but its tru3.
obviously using (" ")s has mad3 som3 p3opl3 ups3t (i can only assum3 that th3y n33d th3ir 15 mins. of fam3)......
i will stand b3hind what i hav3 writt3n......dian3 formally known as "d33" has b33n nothing but a pain in my ass sinc3 day 1, and until i d3cid3 3xactly how to handl3 h3r, im sur3 sh3 will continu3 to b3
i will also stand b3hind what i hav3 said about paul formally known as "phil", h3 has brought nothing good into my daught3rs (r3b3cca and r3n33') formally known as "rach3al" and "raqu3l"s lif3, h3 is th3 poor3st 3xampl3 of mankind that i can think of.
i gu3ss this will mak3 things 3asi3r......for ALL of us, knowing 3xactlly who is who, but and i n33d to mak3 this p3rf3ctlly cl3ar.......... THIS IS, AND WILL ALWAYS B3 MY for ALL you snot nos3 pi3c3 of shit, th3iving, lying, low lif3,scum suck3rs, if you dont lik3 my blog.......... STOP R3ADING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!
but th3 r3st of you normals can continu3 to 3njoy my thoughts, and f33l fr33 to comm3nt.. :)


  1. Leslie you know how I feel about you! Before you became my daughter-in-law you were my friend, after you were still my friend, AND now 26 plus years later you are not my daughter-in-law you are my 'daughter' & most of all "my Friend". We are soooo much alike & yet soooo different! Our 'friendship' has stood the test of time & I am PROUD to have you in my life! 143. Always MB aka Marilyn <3

  2. I agree. it does hurt when people say things about you, untrue, none of their business things, but you really need to not let it ruin your day, or your mood. Because really, in the end, the ones that love you, are he only ones that should matter. And these people are not capable of love, only stealing from their own children, and disowning their own children, and sleeping with your husband..
    Love you

  3. I have to agree with Becky on this. Your to good to let ppl like that get to you...