Friday, February 26, 2010


I am sitting here thinking about all the awful, hateful, and nasty things you do and say to people. These people who are related to and loved by the people that are related to you.

I was going to ask you how you could possibly sleep at night.

So I spoke to my neighbor, he has been a psychotherapist for twenty years.

I explained your situation, what you have been saying, and your actions.

He explained so much about you - that maybe you didn't even realize.

We spoke for a couple hours - but I will put it in a NUT- shell:

  • You are jealous and insecure about people that you should be trying to embrace.
  • You are more than likely cheating on your spouse.
  • You are trying to hard to be your children's friend, and no where near hard enough to be a upstanding parent..
  • You make extremely bad choices on a daily basis
  • You probably dont drink or smoke, but you are most likely overweight
  • You may have one friend, but you dont trust her or him, but more likely than not you dont have anyone but your children.
  • You have never forgiven your husband for the past.
  • You have an extremely bad temper, and take it out on those around you..
  • You are probably not very educated..

Anyway if this sounds anything at all like the life you have been living, that may be exactly why you CAN'T sleep at night..

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