Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I dont understand nor will i ever why people don't stand behind their children
to me they are the most precious things in the world, i'm sure my kids have done things I dont know about, they have also done things they are not proud of, and they still come to me for love and support maybe guidance, but most of all understanding. I'm proud to say that if they ever asked for my help i was there for them. Sometimes in there lives they have gone to other family members and although i did not agree with their choices i was still there for them when they needed and wanted me. I have never made my children apologize more than once for something they have done and they in return have never made me apologize more than once and they have always forgiven me, that makes me feel like i did the best job ever. My chest fills with pride for my children. I also understand that i'm lucky that my kids turned out to get there license, finish school, and have babies. my oldest went to college and got married my youngest only nineteen is inpatiently waiting for her life as an adult to hurry up and begin.
as perfect as i would like to think i am there are some things that i have done that i would take back or do over but as of right now in my life the worst thing i do is swear and maybe write the occasional blog to my ex's current.
there are people from my past that chose not to have me in there present but im trying to deal with that knowing that i've done everything i could think of to fix it, when it comes right down to it i cant do it by myself, so i pray a lot and wait impatiently hoping someday that i will make my parents proud of there only daughter.

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  1. Leslie, you started off as my kids friend, than you became my friend, than you became my daughter-in-law, than you became the mother of our two granddaughters, than you became our X-daughter (which we never thought of you as our X) than you became the grand-mother of our great-grandsons & after all that you are still part of our family & also a "wonderful" friend. Love ya lots, Your the greatest & don't forget it. AND you will always be part of 'our' Bedard family :) PS Walt too...