Wednesday, July 28, 2010


onc3 th3r3 was a f3mal3 nam3d "lisa" who m33t a guy nam3d "william" th3y f3ll in lov3, and aft3r four y3ars, th3y got marri3d. th3y w3r3 v3ry happy. "william" had a coupl3 of 3x-wiv3s, who tri3d to mak3 th3ir liv3s mis3rabl3, th3ir nam3s w3r3 "d33" and "kay", but as hard as th3s3 two tri3d, th3y just couldnt com3 b3tw33n "lisa" and "william".

"william" and "kay" hav3 b33n divorc3d for 25 y3ars, and hav3 a son nam3d "josh" who is 25. "kay" is also r3marri3d, to a r3ally nic3 guy nam3d "jim", but sh3 choos3s to b3 hat3ful, inst3ad of happy, go figur3, what a bitch, with a capital C.

"william" and "d33" hav3 b33n divorc3d for 8 y3ars, and hav3 2 sons and 2 daught3rs, nam3d "kory","kyl3", "kim" and "amb3r", th3y ar3 23, 22, 20, and 16. "d33" n3v3r got r3marri3d, mostly b3caus3 "d33" is a th3if, li3r, and 3xtr3mly old, "d33" has to b3 at l3ast 70. "d33" hasnt b33n a bitch for at l3ast 4 y3ars, as long as "lisa has known "d33", all "d33" has 3v3r b33n, is a C--T.

i gu3ss th3 mor3l of this story is, whil3 "william" and "lisa" liv3 in a nic3 quit3 south3rn stat3, all that "kay" and "d33" will 3v3r do, is liv3 in a stat3 of d3nial, confussion, and r3gr3t.

i "l3sli3" think "kay" should GO mind h3r famili3s bussin3ss, and "d33" you should just GO toward th3 light.

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