Friday, July 30, 2010

"lisa" m3t "william"s son "kory" at work, h3 s33m3d lik3 a nic3 young man, and had just mov3d to main3, (to g3t away from his moth3r "d33") r3m3mb3r, "d33"s old, and a th3if. so "kory" cam3 to main3, to liv3 with his daddy, "william". "lisa"s daught3r "rachal" was still in school (a s3nior), and on3 day, "rachal"stopp3d by "lisa"s work, and got a glimps3 of "kory". th3 r3st is history (so th3y
say). "kory" and "rachal" couldnt g3t 3nough of 3ach oth3r. th3y sp3nt th3 n3xt 3 months hook3d
at th3 hip.
"william" had his own apartm3nt, but out of th3 blu3 "d33" would show up from, im not sur3 3xactlly, h3ll mayb3, "d33" mov3s around alot, and stay for a w33k or two, th3n, wh3n "william" was a work, "d33" would pack up (with Kyl3, kim, and amb3r), and just l3av3 again, (my gu3ss, back to h3ll). this is wh3n "lisa" and "ricky" start3d to disagr33 about things that w3r3 happ3ning in th3ir marriag3 ("raqu3l" got pr3gnant), so "kory" and "rach3l" kn3w that "lisa" and "william" could not m3t, (thos3 crazy kids thought that "lisa" and "william" would do som3thing stupid, lik3 sl33p tog3th3r (or som3thing).
w3ll, it turns out "lisa" and "william" did m3t, and in fact, with a littl3 h3lp from alcohol, did do som3thing stupid, lik3 sl33p tog3th3r (or som3thing).
aft3r 2 y3ars, "kory" and "rach3l" got marri3d (to 3ach oth3r). "d33" didnt com3 to th3 w33ding thank God, but "kay" did, i gu3ss b3caus3 h3r son "josh" was th3 b3st man, and sh3 f33ls th3 n33d to try to still b3 part of som3thing, that sh3s cl3arly no long3r a part of.
so now that "lisa" and "william" ar3 marri3d, that mak3s "kory" and "rach3l" broth3r and sist3r. so th3y ar3 on3 big happy family, 3xc3pt for "d33" and "kay".
oh th3y hav3 had littl3 things pop up along th3 way (and not so littl3 things), lik3 "kay" trying to g3t back tog3th3r with "william", n3v3r going to happ3n, (omg, that chick has to w3igh at l3ast 400 lbs. gross), or lik3 "d33" lying about "amb3r" b3ing sick, or calling "william"s work, or st3aling (oh thats a r3ally good story, ill sav3 for anoth3r TIM3).
so kids, i gu3ss todays moral of th3 story is, dont l3t th3 "d33"s and "kay"s, in your lif3 g3t to you, b3caus3 its r3fr3shing just to know that as mis3rabl3 as th3y ar3, wh3n "lisa" thinks about th3m, sh3s always smiling

Thursday, July 29, 2010

(lik3 th3 cow)

today ill t3ll you a littl3 bit about "lisa" sh3 has two wond3rful daught3rs, 21 and 20, th3ir nam3s ar3 "racha3l" and "raqu3l". "lisa" has b33n marri3d 4 tim3s, wh3n "lisa" was 18, sh3 m3t "phil",wow what an asshol3 h3 turn3d out to b3. "lisa" and "phil" got marri3d, aft3r only knowing 3ach oth3r for 5 months. th3y had "racha3l" 4 y3ars lat3r, th3n th3y s3pparat3d, and d3cid3d to still sl33p tog3th3r, so thats wh3r3 "raqu3l" cam3 from. but at th3 sam3 tim3 "phil" was sl33ping with a yuk nam3d "j3rs3y" (lik3 th3 cow), and "j3rs3y" (lik3 th3 cow), got pr3gnant with a littl3 girl, nam3d " josaphin3", lat3r "phil" and "j3rs3y" (lik3 th3 cow) had a boy, th3y call3d him "darwood". "phil" and "j3rs3y" (lik3 th3 cow) ar3 still UNhappily marri3d and sl33ping in diff3rant rooms, th3y just had th3 polic3 at th3ir hous3 for doing and s3lling drugs, (but thats anoth3r story).

th3n "lisa" m33t a guy nam3d "dick", in 1990, th3y work3d tog3th3r, and got marri3d that nov3mb3r. "j3rs3y" (lik3 th3 cow) talk3d "phil" into giving his rights to th3 childr3n up. so "dick" adopt3d "racha3l"and "raqu3l", that marriag3 3nd3d badly also, and in 1995 "lisa" m3t h3r 3rd husband "ricky", but "lisa" and "ricky" didnt g3t marri3d until 2000. "lisa" and "ricky" ar3 still r3ally good fri3nds, th3y just look3d at lif3 a littl3 diff3r3ntly, so th3y divorc3d in 2009,aft3r a 3 y3ar s3p3ration.

in 2006 "lisa" m3t "william", th3y f3ll in lov3 almost instantly, and th3y w3r3 marri3d in august of if you think this story is lik3 any oth3r on3, wait till tomorrow, wh3n i t3ll you about how "lisa" and "william"s kids start3d dat3ing (3ach oth3r)..............

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


onc3 th3r3 was a f3mal3 nam3d "lisa" who m33t a guy nam3d "william" th3y f3ll in lov3, and aft3r four y3ars, th3y got marri3d. th3y w3r3 v3ry happy. "william" had a coupl3 of 3x-wiv3s, who tri3d to mak3 th3ir liv3s mis3rabl3, th3ir nam3s w3r3 "d33" and "kay", but as hard as th3s3 two tri3d, th3y just couldnt com3 b3tw33n "lisa" and "william".

"william" and "kay" hav3 b33n divorc3d for 25 y3ars, and hav3 a son nam3d "josh" who is 25. "kay" is also r3marri3d, to a r3ally nic3 guy nam3d "jim", but sh3 choos3s to b3 hat3ful, inst3ad of happy, go figur3, what a bitch, with a capital C.

"william" and "d33" hav3 b33n divorc3d for 8 y3ars, and hav3 2 sons and 2 daught3rs, nam3d "kory","kyl3", "kim" and "amb3r", th3y ar3 23, 22, 20, and 16. "d33" n3v3r got r3marri3d, mostly b3caus3 "d33" is a th3if, li3r, and 3xtr3mly old, "d33" has to b3 at l3ast 70. "d33" hasnt b33n a bitch for at l3ast 4 y3ars, as long as "lisa has known "d33", all "d33" has 3v3r b33n, is a C--T.

i gu3ss th3 mor3l of this story is, whil3 "william" and "lisa" liv3 in a nic3 quit3 south3rn stat3, all that "kay" and "d33" will 3v3r do, is liv3 in a stat3 of d3nial, confussion, and r3gr3t.

i "l3sli3" think "kay" should GO mind h3r famili3s bussin3ss, and "d33" you should just GO toward th3 light.