Thursday, August 12, 2010

today im going to t3ll you a story about how "phil" play3d h3ad gam3s with "raqu3l" for 3 months ov3r a c3ll phon3. it go3s back to last nov. (wh3n th3y m3t), i gu3ss "phil" thought (for a min.,that is b3for3 h3 talk3d to "j3rs3y" (lik3 th3 cow)) that h3 ow3d his first 2 daught3rs SOM3THING.
so h3 d3cid3d that buying th3m, was th3 logical choic3 (just lik3 your ordinary, worthl3ss, 3xp3ndabl3 pi3c3 of garbag3, ((calm down "d33", this isnt about you)) whit3 trash, drug d3aling, worm that h3 is).
so "phil" puts "raqu3l" on his phon3 plan, and also g3ts h3r a phon3 (duh), w3ll anytim3 aft3r this, if "raqu3l" would say som3thing to ups3t him, h3 would tak3 th3 phon3. (thats right, and l3av3 h3r with no outsid3 contact, with 2 littl3 kids), ohhhhhhhh, th3 pow3r h3 must hav3 f3lt. what a man.
th3n aft3r a f3w days, "phil" would giv3 it back to "raqu3l" (wow, h3 must hav3 f3lt lik3 a GOD).
th3 last tim3 that "raqu3l" ang3r3d "phil" (th3 all pow3rful phon3 GOD), "phil" lit3rlly grabb3d th3 phon3, and brok3 it in half. ((som3thing "lisa" oft3n pictur3s "phil" doing to "j3rs3y" (lik3 th3 cow)).
w3ll, "phil" k3pt t3lling "raqu3l" that SOON, h3 (th3 all pow3rful phon3 GOD) would g3t h3r a n3w on3, day aft3r day ,w33k aft3r w33k, anoth3r 3xcus3, so "raqu3l" did som3thing that 3v3n th3 mighti3st of ALL phon3s GODS wouldnt hav3 thought of........"raqu3l" w3nt out and got h3r own phon3...OOOHHH MY MIGHTY PHON3 GOD, WHY DIDNT I THINK OF THAT.
"phil" and "raqu3l" still talk on th3 phon3, or t3xt from tim3 to tim3, and "lisa"s sur3 that this will continu3, as long as "j3rs3y" (lik3 th3 cow) do3snt find out about it.
but wh3n "raqu3l" finally d3cid3s to put on h3r big girl pants, and flush that pi3c3 of human wast3 down th3 drain, "lisa" will b3 th3r3 to pick up th3 pi3c3s, of h3r young3st daught3r, who onc3 again got trampl3d on by th3 on3 p3rson who should n3v3r hav3 l3t anyon3 put th3ir own daught3r in this position in th3 first plac3........thats you "phil" in cas3 you couldnt k33p up
in "lisa"s 3y3s, you dont try to buy anyon3, 3sp3cially your childr3n.......... you fuck3n bon3h3ad

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